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Hurricane Zeta unleashes fury on Louisiana coast | USA TODAY

Nearly half a million without power after Hurricane Zeta races through Southeast Louisiana.

Hurricane Zeta has begun to batter Mississippi’s Gulf Coast with a dangerous storm surge, high winds and heavy rain.

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    Climate change is real. The oil companies have used the exact same strategies and sometimes even p.r. firms as the tobacco industry did to discredit climate change as the tobacco industry used to deny cancer causing effects. This has been going on since the 50's. The same fight was had about lead in gasoline, but back then Fox wasn't around to stop people from believing in science. It was said that removing the lead would ruin the country. It didn't. Neither will fighting climate change.

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    God take control and protect that city🙏

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    Why name the hurricane after a powerful Mexican cartel??? Do tell AMERICA

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    💗💗 i am so sorry

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