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Hurricane Delta approaches Louisiana with dangerous winds

Hurricane Delta will slam Louisiana late on Oct. 9 as a Category 2 storm with potentially dangerous flooding, damaging winds and storm surge. Read more: Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube:

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    this looks dangerous (comment 50 btw)

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    If you think 2020 has been rough, the next 7-ish years or so are going make this year look like a nothing! Jesus is coming SOON to take those who truly believe that He shed his blood and died on the cross for their sins, was buried, and rose on the third day according to the Scriptures. God has had enough! Now is the time to wake up and get saved! TODAY IS THE DAY OF SALVATION

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    Sending prayers!!

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    I can't figure out why anyone would want to live down there.

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    Thirty one ft waves ?! If true the flooding will exceed Rita please evacuate and aid those without vehicles.pray for all.

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    Hurricane management?

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    He said it’s the end of August 🤷🏼‍♂️

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    We need some rain here in California.

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    OMG, those poor people. Stay safe ! 🙏🏻🙏🏻

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    cute reporter

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    I really don't know these people live in this part of the country?? THESE are the same people that unfortunately deny climate change….the sad part is that it's only going to get worse in the years to come!

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    Heavy flooding on the family homestead…

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    Can't wait for it I'ma listen to some gangstas paradise and slow walk into the storm and fight it off….

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    I had no idea there was a new hurricane.

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    Fake News. Everyone knows this storm was paid by George Soros to make the president look bad. It's a democrat hoax. Wake up sheeple!

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    2nd Timothy chapter 3

    Oh my God the reporter is a little boy

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    I hope everyone stays safe

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    My prayers to the people in Louisiana dear God Jesus Christ watch over our people amen🙏🙏🙏🙏❤❤❤❤

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    How old is this Reporter? 18 years old..

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    Ironic that a Republican stronghold like LA is full of people who don’t believe in climate change… and even after so many storms hitting them this year, they still don’t believe in climate change. Fun fact: this year is the 2nd time they have got to naming storms after the Greek alphabet… the only other time was in 2005. Remember Katrina? Same year.

    Two of the busiest hurricane season within 15 years of each other… I wonder if the rate linearly doubled… meaning the next active season will be in 2027.

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    trump and pence thoughts and prayers – oh ya and paper towels

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    Stacy Paul- Bachhuber

    No climate change though….

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    Paper towels coming your way – FEMA

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    gods pit crew is waiting to send you supplies

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    Seriously @washington Post stop deleting my sarcastic right wing comments. Can’t you see this is all a plan by George Sorros? 🤣🤣

    And Hillary’s deleted 33,000 emails

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    whats up with underage reporter, is he working for grade school credits?

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    Something else for you. If you die today will you go to heaven? Have you ever lied, stolen, used God's name as a curse word (O-M-G)? According to God's law, you're guilty, your headed for hell, ignorance will not be an excuse… But wait, God loves you, he made a way out for you, God's son Jesus died paying for your sin. God so loved the world that he gave his only son that whoever believes in him will not die but have everlasting life. John 3:16
    God is warning the world. End Time prophesies are jumping off the pages of the Bible, plagues, violence, scoffers, government control, earthquakes, fires, floods, people will be lovers of themselves, money, lovers of pleasure rather than God, evil will be called good and good called evil, sexual immorality rampant adultery, fornication, abuse… the ultimate in child abuse mommies killing their babies in child sacrifice (abortion), World leaders are prepping for a One-World order, government, religion (please don’t take a number on your forehead or right hand, read Revelation a number means no heaven, and there's only one alternative) The government is also prepping to have you believe that UFO's are real… Soon the antichrist will come and fix everything, everyone will love him, he will deceive many… then the tribulation will start, life on earth will be horrific. Today if you hear God whispering to your heart please respond before it's too late. Say a humble prayer, pour your heart out to God, he loves you, open your heart take a chance receive Jesus as your savior.

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    It's time to MOVE AWAY from the Gulf coast. Or rebuild with a geodesic dome home.

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    We need more adorable reporters like this so people actually start giving a damn

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    Q. How is marriage like a hurricane?

    A. At first theres a lotta blowing but in the end you lose your house.

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    Hurricanes, floods, fires, 25% of the world's covid deaths….. America is doomed

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    That was a very informative report,no politics,no bias,just the facts clearly presented w/out emotional and political manipulation. Thk You!

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    Praying for my family in Jennings.

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    Capitol Weather Gang! Gang Gang!

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    Louisiana along with other gulf states seem like a tough place to live in terms of weather.

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    Washington Post. Where any sensible mature reporter would never work, so they started hiring 16 year old YouTubers.

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    I foresee a very promising future for this young man in media broadcasting the talent is evident.

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    Ganon01 Ryan Outsen

    Wow there’s no stopping from these hurricanes

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    Am i the only one who read the watermark on the thumbnail as “wap”?

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