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Hungary's Budapest marathon goes ahead despite coronavirus fears

Hungary’s 35th annual Budapest marathon took place despite fears over coronavirus resulting in a much lower turnout than usual


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  1. Avatar

    Well done everyone 👏

  2. Avatar

    I m also in this marathon

  3. Avatar

    That was such a great marathon

  4. Avatar

    Greetings from Argentina! 👱💖

  5. Avatar

    Great to see a bit of normality. But why masks outside?

  6. Avatar

    Influenza a normal common flu which is normal this time of year. COVID-19 my 💩 say no to the mask say no to vaccine

  7. Avatar

    God bless you and your family all people all world all family members Jesus name Amen 🙏 India

  8. Avatar

    Idiots in masks running a marathon

  9. Avatar

    Idiots in mask ! Come on take the mask off!

  10. Avatar

    There's only a 99 percent chance of living through covid and I doubt many able to run a marathon have pre existing conditions. Covid was blown out of proportion worldwide to ruin economies and give globalists more power.

  11. Avatar

    For those fighting the pandemic – do not brake the line, we don't need no hero. It is not a race.

  12. Avatar

    Burn the masks you idiots

  13. Avatar

    For those who doubt…this could be a only drill that could prepare us for something. One day there will be a pandemic of intestine virus, than everyone in diapers will think about those face masks with a nostalgia.

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