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Hundreds of new boats carrying migrants reach Canary Islands

Hundreds of boats carrying at least 1,000 migrants have landed in the Canary Islands over the past week.
The Red Cross says the Spanish islands haven’t seen numbers like that since 2006.
Most of the people making the journey come from West Africa.
Al Jazeera’s Nicolas Haque has more from Senegal’s capital Dakar.

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  1. Avatar

    Wish you luck Diop …. GOD BE WITH YOU

  2. Avatar

    Why not try to go there legally

  3. Avatar

    There are no jobs no homes and countries in crisis to many migrants they must build their own countries up not come to take what has took us generations to build up

  4. Avatar
    la mulata linda Martinez

    This is a failure of ALL the African governments who don't invest in their people, shame on them. These young men should be flourishing in their lands, not risking their lives on a rickety boat, going to lands where the people are RACIST and hostile. Shame on Africa for not protecting and investing in your beautiful people👆🏾

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    Fight and stand up for your country
    Other countries are full

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    Allez Mon Frère IBRAHIMA Diop Diop borom ROYTHIA 🇸🇳🇸🇳🇸🇳🇸🇳


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    Wir brauchen nicht einen mehr, danke

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    Go abroad my brothers and sisters let them take accountability for their global instabilities caused by their governments around the world

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    African countries must be give up ther country to European,, for them independent was a waste of time,, why they can’t run their own country? they don’t want to be ruled by European but still they follow European 😂😂

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    Mahadzir Abd karim

    TQ to

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    Show us the EU human rights

  13. Avatar
    Robert Skolimowski

    God help this young man (and others in need) reach Europe and live a good peaceful and fulfilling life🤞🏻✌

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    R A R E V A L U E O0

    One love my brothers , im European and support your determination . I welcome you , maybe I'll find more conscience and depth in your minds than the ones I already share my space with , which is not much .

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    How many more millions of immigrants do you think the Western take before there's a civil war in every country in the West

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    If migrating from Africa to western land is Illegal, then the western should compensate African countries for illegally went to their countries and stold wealth from them and used to build their own.
    Brothers and sisters You are all welcome….. Come more❤️

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    Keep out!!! You are NOT welcome!!!!!

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    They need to be sent back as quick as they arrive. Africa is a huge country and the rest of the world cannot take them in.

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    Africans leaving; colonizers going…..

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    Send them back not welcome.

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