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#HUAWEIFreebuds 3 x #HUAWEIP40 Series

See how fashion meets function with the new dynamic power-pair – #HUAWEIFreebuds 3 and #HUAWEIP40 Series.
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  1. Avatar

    Huawei best phone in the world

  2. Avatar

    💯HUAWEI 💯

  3. Avatar


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    Matthieu Vocanson

    AirPods by Huawei is ridiculous 🤦‍♂️

  5. Avatar

    HUAWEI still the best for ever

  6. Avatar

    Huawei has the most secured Operating System as of today. so much perks

    – No google crapware
    – No backdoor for NSA & CIA

    Anyone who is serious about security would understand this already.

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    Jeux videos Itec

    Huawei le leader du marché

  8. Avatar

    Finally I will get my P40 and the freebuds 3, tomorrow 😍😍

  9. Avatar
    Milica Dobrić

    Free buds 3 my favorite buds 😍🔥

  10. Avatar

    Yep. In My Birthday. 😀

  11. Avatar
    Santiago Olaya

    Mas cosas que no puedo conseguir :')

  12. Avatar

    Does this phone track us or send data to Beijing?

  13. Avatar
    Sharukh007 Galib


  14. Avatar
    Sharukh007 Galib

    ah if i could buy it….😔😔😔

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    Calling For Responsibility

    You are no longer accepted Huawei. Leave Europe immediately, your standards are dangerous to our well being over here.

  16. Avatar
    alex keemstore joness

    add 18:9 bezeless flat symmetrical max and c shape sides standard

  17. Avatar
    ابوعتين abu otain

    🔥Successful suggestion🔥
    We just want a flat screen phone with the addition of a 3.5 port with a 4500 mAh battery with high specifications and we will buy your phones this is everyone's request. Thank you

  18. Avatar

    Hope that huawei will add gms back if not I'm not going to change to iPhone

  19. Avatar
    Roberto Netzel

    Huawei makes good phones in terms of materials but they are very, very bad in terms of update support and I say this with complete certainty since I have an operator-free Mate 9 that never received updates of any kind since I bought it … And not to mention the hundreds who are in the same situation as me, just go to forums to see an endless list of people who do not receive updates or security patches etc. This year I was thinking about buying the latest model of Huawei that came out but unfortunately I will have to abandon the brand and go for a more serious company than if it provides support and updates to its users … It is unfortunate how they abandon their customers, the service It is I think the worst I received in all the years that I have been using all kinds of terminals of various brands. HUAWEI DOES NOT SERVE

  20. Avatar

    Better add thermal camera inside handphone.

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