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HUAWEI WATCH GT 2e – Find Your Fitness

Featuring many practical functions, including SpO2 monitoring and free training mode, the #HUAWEIWATCHGT2e has you covered for up to 2 weeks of nonstop play.
See how @Birdseye uses his smartwatch to track his body status and fitness progress all day.
Find more at #PlayFor2Weeks

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    First comment so give me one

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    I like Huawei

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    The Gamer Yahya

    Huawei is the best.

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    মেসি যাদের হৃদস্পন্দন

    Thanks huawei

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    Huawei matpad pro Pakistan luonch

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    Dnilson Milla Cadillo

    Nice, Giveaway. 🙌🙌

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    The Gamer Yahya

    Huawei devices, watches and all products are awesome.

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    Huawei ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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    edgarttr69 edgarttr

    Ware to buy in usa? Plis

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    Khorshed sakib

    Go ahead Huawei.,♥💓❤♥💓u Huawei.

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    My dream is lap top d 15

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    احبك 🥰🥰🥰🥰😍😍😍

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    Leonardo León Alvarez


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    💯HUAWEI 💯

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    huawei have no choose _ i tink you maszt wirth samsung or anter working

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    alex keemstore joness

    smartwatch failed idea until add 3×3 squared screen with working exact maps app and usbc charge 3.5port with 1000mah+ total under 200grams to replace handheld permanent

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    M.R.K Khan Masud Rana

    How much?

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    It is NOT a medical device ! An expensive gadget

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    Always worst mobiles as example HUWAEI Y7 PRIME 2018

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    Eh my GT2 is still fine, I'll wait until the GT3 before upgrading

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    Porcupine Logic

    Does it show the wuhan lab results?

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    When will it be available in south Africa and what is the cost? Between the watch GT, GT2 and GT2e, I prefer the GT2e. It has some amazing features. Working in a Hospitality environment seeing clients and customers on a daily basis, getting the word out on the GT2e will be a breeze. I want one. Got to #LoveTheBrand #Huawei4Life

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    Love China,Use HuaWei 道德绑架垃圾手机

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    Joshua Sebastin

    When is 9X Pro launch

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    Adios Michaelson

    Amazing Huawei

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    Huawei p40pro plus when coming? Qatar

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    Huawei .. be my hero, design a smartwatch with a system to measure blood pressure .. I am hypertensive and this function on your equipment would be incredible.

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