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HUAWEI MatePad Pro – Explore PC Mode

The new #HuaweiMatePadPro lets you explore PC Mode with efficiency, allowing you to work and play with ease.

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  1. Avatar

    lol This is a Samsung's dex clone
    and That Ui look like IOS

  2. Avatar

    😳😆🤦‍♂️ Wow! Talk about being shameless when it comes to ripping-off Apple products Huawei! How embarrassing is this MatePad so-called Pro, Pencil and keyboard? Apples lawyers are gonna love this. 🤣🎤

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    RickeysTech Review

    The US needs to stop with their BS and let huawei freely compete against Apple and Samsung. #freehuawei

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    Tan Yew Hock Matthew


    中华民族🇨🇳🇭🇰🇲🇴🇹🇼伟大复兴不能没有中华民族乐器团气势磅礴的演奏 !!

    中华民族乐器团应该用在国庆阅兵、国家仪仗队、每天的国歌国曲、军歌军曲、校歌校曲、 管弦乐曲、交响乐曲、民族歌乐曲、影视歌乐曲、流行歌乐曲。

    庆祝中华民族🇨🇳🇭🇰🇲🇴🇹🇼伟大复兴的到来不能没有宏伟壮观的中华乐器团!包罗万象的中华乐器! 一样也不能缺!中华乐器团不要被中国人边缘化。¥


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    So you can't copy Samsung and Apple even more!

  6. Avatar

    Can any huawei phone/tablet download original kinemaster,ibispaint x,cute cut,flip aclip?

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    Gaming Pennywise

    I really love this pad

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    Francis mico Magnayon

    Ive never seen a tablet that has a PUNCH HOLE?!!……. impressive I like to have it here in the Philippines😁👍

  10. Avatar
    Francis mico Magnayon

    Huawei added a punch hole to the MatePad Pro.
    Samsung: 😱😱😱
    Apple left the chat

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    Alberto Araujo jr

    Ok so just add a 4k camera (like p30s) on it so it can video, a large ram and rom (like xpro) so it can edit the videos along with a great processor and you will have the best product out there!!! So many creatives would buy it. Call it the omega because it's the all in one. The device to make huawei number 1

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    Indonesian people will wait for this matepad to be officially released in Indonesia

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    My channel Studio Techincal

    you sent me review ma is mobile phone ke video bana do ga aor you video high views

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    My channel Studio Techincal

    hello HUAWEI,

  15. Avatar


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    Does this has 120hz display?

  17. Avatar
    Sharique Ali SAYED

    Copy copy copy of apple😂😂😂😂😂😂😝

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    •GoldzitTheFoxGamer_YT •

    I was find that's pad! But that have pen and keyboard and I love this pad so amazing but I will buy next time!

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    I think im ditching my Windows 10 for this but my buget îs low as flip

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