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HUAWEI Mate 30 Pro – Make Every Frame Count

Make every frame a mesmerising work of art – every 7680 frames per second to be exact #HUAWEIMate30 Pro

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    Huawie is cutting Apple into pieces ……. Hit 👍if you agree…..❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  2. Avatar

    Apple:who are u
    Huwei:I am you but stronger

  3. Avatar

    When will be available in europe?

  4. Avatar

    7k fps. Now that is 2030 technology

  5. Avatar

    Apple:- We release Slow-mo
    Huawei:- We release Super-duper Slo-mo ,
    Still customers go for Apple because it has quality

  6. Avatar

    Android: with who r u making these phones?

    Huawei: with u idiot

    Android: ahh OK so I'm idiot

  7. Avatar

    My mobile is Y7 prime 2018
    When I screen record in system mode there is no sound. Why?

  8. Avatar

    I want new updat EMUI 9.1 please

  9. Avatar

    I see review video 4k 60fps results are not good.

  10. Avatar

    Wait, that is sodium metal dropped into wine?

  11. Avatar

    #emuie10forHonorPlay dont betray is cheaters we paid money for that

  12. Avatar

    When in the Unites States Of America

  13. Avatar

    Huawei and 5G are China's strategy to gain total control over the world's communications. This is Communist infiltration v2.0. Don't be a dizzy idiot for new toys and miss China's ideological and political agenda. It's not enough for them to imprison their own people; they want to imprison you too. https://youtu.be/xrLnlOLJJAo

  14. Avatar

    It's really nice but without Facebook, YouTube, Google maps, Instagram, it's just a piece of brick outside of China

  15. Avatar

    I love this phone very much . Very good Huawei

  16. Avatar

    Huawei your camera on the mate 30 is incredible right now with jaw dropping features…. BUT your 4k video needs a little improvement because of the shadow is too deep and try to up the shadow a bit in video thats all. Really shame for you guys for not getting google services

  17. Avatar

    No Google Services, No Party.

  18. Avatar

    Good phone but without Google is useless for me 🙁

  19. Avatar

    We want USB 4.0 on smartphones and laptops

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