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HUAWEI Mate 30 Pro – Buds to Bloom

Beautiful things take time to grow. See stunning time-lapses of buds to full bloom – all captured using the #HUAWEIMate30 Pro

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  1. Avatar

    Apple = I have 3 cameras
    Huawei = hold my mate 30 Pro

  2. Avatar

    Beautiful picture per Main khareed Nahin Sakta main 30 Pro

  3. Avatar

    Telefon çok iyi ama Google olmayınca çöp

  4. Avatar

    Huawei Mate 30 I'v not seen like this before ❤️

  5. Avatar

    Gift to the world 😄👏👍

  6. Avatar

    I tought it looked really good

    I watched at 480p

  7. Avatar

    We in Iraq using Huawei services too much
    80% of Iraqi people have Huawei phones. Love you Huawei
    🇮🇶 🇨🇳

  8. Avatar

    add only matte finish or texture/leather/cloth to the rear glass part on flagship devices, instead of the bad glossy fingerprint glass and change the flagships design for comfort like the sony psp design and bezelless

  9. Avatar

    Apple = let me show you Ultrawide photo and Slofie
    Huawei = Hold my 7680 fps video…😎😎😎

    Love both phone…

  10. Avatar

    A flower bloom and Orlando Bloom doesnt connected at all.

  11. Avatar

    i thought thia gonna e nuke for the society but that dambass tump MF!
    Just fuckedup
    next time huawei you should
    r/Wooosh..! them out 🤣🙌

  12. Avatar

    Donald trump don't want Huawei eating his apple that's why false stuff he is spreading where as good technology should be appreciate though its from any country

  13. Avatar

    I like all huawei phones. 👌 👌 👌, huawei is batter then apple and Samsung. 👍 👍 👍, I ❤️ HUAWEI

  14. Avatar

    Huawei's last year's camera(Mate 20 Pro) is very similar to iPhone 11 Pro.

  15. Avatar

    Salom men ozbekistandan man iltimos huawei p30piro menga sovga qilinglar iltimos judayam yoxshi koraman lekin pul yoq oldindan raxmat

  16. Avatar

    We want USB 4.0 on smartphones and laptops

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