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Huawei boss: 'UK won't say no to us' in the roll-out of 5G

The founder and chief executive of Huawei has spoken exclusively to Sky News saying he’s confident a deal will be done with the UK government despite America urging its allies not to do business with the company as a result of security concerns.

Ren Zhengfei has been speaking to Sky’s Asia correspondent Tom Cheshire and began by giving his verdict on Boris Johnson.

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  1. Avatar

    I don't know if he's trustworthy or not but in terms of a face for their company he does an excellent job. Strong quick funny answers. Unusual for Asian companies other than say Nintendo.

  2. Avatar

    Even if the world tries to build an os, developers will not be interested in making an app for it.

  3. Avatar

    According to German IT-exprts 5G reaches only 100 m more than 4G. I'm keeping my dumb phone and use internet at home instead, thx. Those prices are my food for half a year lol

  4. Avatar

    The UK is a slave to the Chinese. This guy is absolutely right, they will bow down before the Chinese and do whatever they say.

  5. Avatar

    Yup because our goverment only care about making there immediate friends super rich so of course they wil do it. Hopefully these guys fry them 1st.

  6. Avatar

    Look at his smile, he knows he's going to get all the data and score his biggest hit yet! The UK

  7. Avatar

    Wow … that last bit about the Chinese Communist Party oath was creepy af

  8. Avatar

    Huawei can’t refuse to hand over 5G data when demanded from the Chinese government. It’s the law! But it’s the same with American companies. Europe should invest in European companies like Nokia and Ericsson !!

  9. Avatar

    Looks about as trustworthy as a slapper walking out of a sex clinic.

  10. Avatar

    Up the Depopulators a………… ……. loook GMO foods fluoride water chemtrails vaccine war abortion drugs alcohol cigs famines economic warfare mind control warfare BPA plastic 3g4g5g radiation etc. WAKEUP God is comming soon.!!!!!

  11. Avatar

    Do people still head to sky for news ?👺👺👺😂😂😂😂

  12. Avatar

    UK without China trades exchange gone be sinking lime UK Titanic sooner then later

  13. Avatar

    US Titanic start sinking Europe and China not get joins ride together.

  14. Avatar

    This will make what went on in Africa seem like child’s play.

  15. Avatar

    The UK should say no! not one independent enquiry and there is growing evidence that at even lower level than whats considered safe is harmful to humans animals and trees.

  16. Avatar

    First Brexit then F waway….let them pull their cummunist china military shananigans on losers

  17. Avatar

    UK economy will collapse without the Chinese support.

  18. Avatar

    Europe won't like that lol <<< BREXIT

  19. Avatar

    Any country that allows this to happen is foolish if we allow this then they may aswel give them the keys to GCHQ and MI6 .

  20. Avatar

    Human slug. FO with your shifty ways.

  21. Avatar

    Huawei is China’s Trojan horse and anyone who can’t recognize that is naive

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