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How will the VP debate look with new coronavirus precautions?

Fox News Medical Contributor Dr. Janette Nesheiwat provides insight on ‘Fox & Friends’ into what measures are being used against coronavirus at Pence, Harris debate.

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  1. Avatar

    No one wants to hear anything from this DEMOCRATIC sleep around FLIP N FLOP LUNATIC ‼️ It’s a embarrassment @ I get stoned but I’ll lock you up !! Hahahaha SHES A NUT CASE

  2. Avatar
    spinn360 Unknown

    Why is all news so fake? Fox and cnn two peas in a pod. But at least some people on fox report real news…. mostly anyway.

  3. Avatar

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    Donald Trump & His Administration…
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  4. Avatar

    I’d want more between me if I was debating a succubus

  5. Avatar

    What a joke. Covid scam to promote fear.

  6. Avatar

    JUST IN NOW….. appeals Court Ruled that Trump Must Turn Over his Taxes…
    Trump's whole reason for wanting a second term is to postpone his civil and criminal prosecution for tax evasion. the polls show this clown is going down hard lol.

  7. Avatar

    Headboard HARRIS won't tell the Truth not Ever

  8. Avatar
    Richeyrich2007 6

    So Nice 💘💘💘💘💘💘

  9. Avatar

    Redfield said the CDC had a consultation with Dr. Jesse Schonau, currently serving in the White House medical unit, and based on the descriptions, "the Vice President is not a close contact of any known person with Covid-19, including the President."
    There are photographs and video ALL over the net the show otherwise. Redfield? It’s too late my friend. You’re done.

  10. Avatar

    What it'll look like on stage, Kamala being destroyed with facts and policy. What it will actually be, Kamala lying and virtue signaling. This will be a total annihilation of the communists party on the left.

  11. Avatar

    Bias is all this their moderator is so buyers I can't even stand watching the questions that leave her mouth.

  12. Avatar

    Willie Brown baby!!!!!!

  13. Avatar

    Looks like one big vaccine ad to me

  14. Avatar

    Welp this is a huge waste of time. Dummyrats wanted mail in ballots so they got them. Many will never make it to be counted and many will be discounted. So Republicans make sure you vote in person and it will be an easy win for Trump!

  15. Avatar


  16. Avatar

    Auntie is a piece of work no wonder calif is in the dumps. Ask her during the debate why she called biden a RACIST

  17. Avatar

    Protect her at all costs!

  18. Avatar

    This is so Biased

  19. Avatar

    Why that lady smile like idiot?
    I see al democrats laugh like idiots i dont know why? They look so idiots

  20. Avatar

    I love Mike Pence's debate style. Really wish Trump was like that. Patient and no interrupting.

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