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How will lockdowns harm our mental health?

Ruby Wax is a comedian who has campaigned on mental health. (Subscribe:
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    Loneliness and my mental health im struggling no one in my life 24/7 in my bungalow im disabled. I can not wait to leave this life behind

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    Don’t get cheek implants ladies ⚠️

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    Michael Nathan-Pepple

    Question shouldn't shouldn't be in the future tense but the present

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    It would be hilarious if the Tories were to use mental health as an excuse as to restrict measures that would protect physical health; given that they've decimated mental health services over the past decade.

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    My mom told me that if I get 300 likes on my newest video and 20k subscribers she will buy me a new pc so i can upgrade my content! I needed that Begging you❤😔

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    I'm isolated since 8 months due to being asthmatic.
    Its not THAT hard.
    Its makeable, there is this thing called "internet", my lady.

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    This virus will severely hurt mental health of the ENTITLED who had taken so many civil liberties and privileges for GRANTED for so long.

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    I'm in lockdown in Melbourne Australia and mental health is at extreme levels. Our premier is covering up the deaths related to mental health. Please understand the same will happen to the people in England.

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    infinite potential

    The NHS and government doesn't care about mental health anyway…
    It's not an issue that anyone really cares about.. people might as well just suffer with dignity than try and seek help only to get rejected.

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    I know this lady. She works at the circus.

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    Ruby is fab and authentic here

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    Why don't UK comics start a coalition and launch a 245 hours a day laughathon during the next lockdown…add in the Americans, get an English language non-stop comedy broadcast of everyone's one man shows, or favorite television sketches..

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    mental issue because others dont want to wear mask,no social distancing..make this virus keep spreading maybe till 2021..people lose job,salary been cut,afraid family member or children get the virus at work place and school.

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    Everyone just needs to put on their big boy/big girl diaper pants and tough it out. The world isn't coming to an end so people will have to adapt to new ways to coexist with Covid 19.**If someone is lonely then go find a book to read or pray a lot to your religion.

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    stitch weekend rush defection

    All done on purpose …

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    The next pandemic won't be mental health. It will be dealing with the mental health issues you've neglected for I dont know how long.

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    This is your daily dose of propaganda

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    0:17 Jon snow: nooo! They can’t see my book collection anymore.

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    alessandra freitas

    Love you 💋💋😘😘❤️💯

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    Egglike Abirdsegg

    Rooonleeeeeey, I'm so ronleeeeeey

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    Egglike Abirdsegg

    Awwwwww fwend, awwww they need fwends, fwends

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    Egglike Abirdsegg

    All the lonely people will just have to hang out with each other, im busy

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    Desert Rat Gardener

    I know that some people miss being around other people. I don't, as I'm not fond of my species. Why would I wish to be around other members of the human race? The species that infests our planet with overpopulation of people who over consume, over endulge, over pollute? I do not desire to spend time with rapists. The natural world and the animals in it are far superior company. Try it. You will not be lonely once you divest yourself of the things and people you think you must have, to invest yourself in those marvelous things Mother Earth provides.

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    Sometimes paranoid people are correct, the government sucks, humanity sucks, psychologists suck, everyone sucks. Its not mental health, it is the observable measurable results of people. Humanity has this weird ritual where they regularly gather together and kill millions of themselves and then the survivors celebrate it. It feels like we are starting that ritual again.

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    It is hardly the tax payers problem that you are not emotionally or mentally stable. I am all for helping the actually handicapped people with tax dollars. But just so princess that cant remain stable is just not the problem of tax payers to fund programs to deal with that. You are all responsible for your own mental health.

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    I have BPD Bipolar and Autism and have to say lockdown has been awesome no idiots to put up with.

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    Egglike Abirdsegg

    Why don't these lonely people ever want to talk to each other?

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    Egglike Abirdsegg

    Crocodile Dundee 2 is on e4, if that doesn't solve peoples mental health problems they're too far gone

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    How is being locked down going to make someone traumatized? This world is getting so weak. The people just need to sleep longer, watch tv, learn how to cook, do all of the other tasks that they couldn't do before because they were so busy working and not having time for a life. If anything the people should come out of lockdown a better person. I know I am, I have lost over 5kg and been walking 4-5km per day. I am sleeping better, reading more, and learning more. It's hard, but this is the new way of life, accept it, don't try and bring back the past, because it's gone.

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    we need to eat the babies

    Guaranteed more people have and will die of suicide than have from the covicold, not to mention the cancelled operations and medical treatments.

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    she's so right and we dont talk about it in the news.

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    WHO Announce that lock downs are not effective! WTF?

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    Beautiful 03:47 💋💞love u💋💞

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    Patriotic Alternative is the emerging voice of the forgotten native British.

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    Plandemic event 201 syops mind control

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    On the lockdown? If you don't have Faith in True God,just do your best,if you louse hope,get high!

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    Thank you Ruby! Putting into words exactly how I feel about the lockdown

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