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How Victoria's Secret Lost Its Grip | WSJ

Victoria’s Secret became a powerhouse lingerie retailer thanks to the vision of executives at its parent company. But amid changing consumer tastes, harassment accusations and ties to Jeffrey Epstein now under scrutiny, the once iconic brand’s stock has been tumbling and it has signaled it may be looking for a buyer. Photo: Getty Images

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  1. Avatar

    VS started apologizing for being who they were and who they were marketing towards. They caved to the pressure instead of sticking to their guns and refusing to market more on digital media. That's why they lost to Fenty Beauty.

  2. Avatar

    Man the 80s was an awesome decade! This is just another end of a great era.

  3. Avatar

    i dont see any fall…it tempoorery

  4. Avatar

    I don't want transgender people as vs models either, nothing wrong with that.

  5. Avatar

    Nice concise analysis of the company. A great way to transform and modernize the company would be to utilize their brand recognition to open a niche marketplace platform. The product space is unique enough that consumers would likely prefer a specialized marketplace from a known brand over buying through Amazon. The first step would be to copy what we saw Nike do recently and pull all their products off of Amazon.

  6. Avatar

    Victoria Secret is as dead as a Dinosaur.

  7. Avatar

    Well, will certainly miss the music in those shows, from Bruno to Rita to Taylor, it was the music that kept the show alive

  8. Avatar

    This women were just so skinny for my taste

  9. Avatar

    They started hiring Second rate models like gigi and Kendal ….

  10. Avatar

    VS is a scam, never looks as good on my girlfriend as it does on their models!

  11. Avatar

    I love all the guys moaning about VS. They don't have to wear it.

  12. Avatar

    Normal women cannot wear these styles without looking like total lunatics. That is why the company is failing.

  13. Avatar

    Victoria's secret is no longer a secret now.

  14. Avatar

    Title sounds like wardrobe malfunction.

  15. Avatar

    The decline is due to:
    – Transgenders wanting to be females
    – Fat women embracing fatness
    – Feminists and Lesbians
    – Metoo Movement

  16. Avatar

    This company is doomed to fail. Totally out of touch with reality and everyday life. They use high end models to create out of touch high end “sexy” image of the brand, but they sell low end plastic horrid toxic lingerie junk in their stores to the masses who look nothing close to the models on the catwalk. This company should have been out of business long time ago! Marks and Spencer in Britain does a much better job with lingerie. They make lingerie for the average women, simple, elegant, reasonably priced and use ordinary women as models. No fancy, glamorous Hollywood hype, then sell horrid cheap junk!

  17. Avatar

    Why would young women buy lingerie when modern gym and 'athleisure' clothes show more than lingerie anyway.

  18. Avatar

    Alien looking Transgender Models

  19. Avatar

    Correlated with a drastic rise of fatties and big arses

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