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How US and China's break-up could affect the world – BBC News

The US and China are going through a painful break-up, in a conflict that has become a key foreign policy issue in the presidential election.

Both Donald Trump and Joe Biden have vowed to be tough on China – but disentangling the world’s two biggest economies is very complicated.

The BBC’s Zhaoyin Feng is from China, but has lived in the US for years. She investigates how this rivalry is affecting the rest of the world.

Filmed and edited by Michael Onyiego

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    The BBC must go. Stop harassing poor single mothers and elders. Defund the BBC.

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    More on a local point why did your presenters remove their poppies on the news this morning? 6.00 am on 6.07 off, you are a disgrace to the British People.

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    China is not and has never been an ally to America.

  4. Avatar

    People in China don’t mind bans on social media..as long as they get to keep their organs.

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    The CCP has proven to the world it isn't ready for very highly technical technology it's a proven FACT, America spent many years and decades developing these technology then CCP steals it and misusing these technologies for CRIMINAL activities.

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    Want to rub in what a shithole China is to your fam back there? Maybe don't use spy apps to do it…

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    Trump suki suki , he love you long time 🎃

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    Baned in comunist China : Google, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger, Wikipedia, YouTube, Gmail, Google Play, Google Maps, Google Drive, Hangouts, Blogger, Twitter, Periscope, Snapchat, Reddit, Tumblr, Pinterest, Slack, Twitch, Discord, Dropbox. Quora, Medium, Vimeo, Flickr, Sound Cloud. DuckDuckGo, Dailymotion !Facts, not politics of victimhood.

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    Damn, so google snap chat and the likes are banned in china, but US is being sued because they want to ban we chat, unbelievable! Well done to the interviewer for her attempt at making china look the victim.

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    China is not a super power..okay 2:17

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    Ronnald Esterson Terson

    US should banned

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    Don't worry if Biden gets elected US – China relations will be stronger than ever, a marriage if I chose this word correctly.

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    I pledge no Allegiance to Donald Trump of the united mistakes of Merikkka or to our Enemies for which he stands one nation divisible with injustice and no liberty for all.

  15. Avatar

    Before 'the virus' China was in the process of having its overreaching ass handed to them on a plate, at the same time, finding out what a real Superpower is.

  16. Avatar

    Washington and Beijing are in fact faring better than other countries. Let's not troop it up with fliff. Tbh

  17. Avatar

    Well they have not changed but got worse as the Chinese elite fear of loosing control.

  18. Avatar

    As a chinese, we need America , because we need to steal the advanced technology so that to downgrade the cost of development.
    We need to turn the world to be socialsm like north Korea, Cuba and Africa, then the world will be peace since we are socialism ally. Right?

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    madhusudan sapkota

    American imperialismare a threat to the peace process. China has always taken steps for peace.

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    Burn in Hell Chyna

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    Tell this Chinese lawyer go back to China and tell Chinese people to start to using Facebook, instagram or whatsapp or any other western technology. WeChat will get block

  22. Avatar
    Lakshmi Bhajanehatti

    It doesn't effect any things good radiance of bad eliment china

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    Blessings 🦖👽⛸🌎😇🚀🧙‍♂️

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    Chinese goods are very well and cheap. Most of the country of the world have been used Chinese goods. The USA and Chinese become individual, it can be affected the whole world . Some problem can be created for the Chinese people and USA people. Be United, remain strong.

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    China = becoming North Korea so case closed

  26. Avatar


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    us got trumped virus

  28. Avatar

    I m the only indian who support china
    Bcz I m Atheist
    I hate Religions and religious people specially Islam and Hindus

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    us virus killing many in europe and usa

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    Michael Scott Howard

    The US should do a full Trade embargo with China…by 2028… Did the US buy goods from Nazi Germany? No.. China is the same..

  32. Avatar

    is there an england town or america town in every city in china?

  33. Avatar

    Sufficient numbers of American voters will say:
    NO!! to communism,
    NO!! to Marxist feminism,
    NO!! to political correctness,
    NO!! to destroying the nuclear family,
    NO!! to abortion-on-demand,
    NO!! to high taxes,
    NO!! to a 'nanny state',
    NO!! to the fake news legacy mainstream media,
    but a BIG resounding YES!!! to freedom of speech and expression, a free market economy, rewards for hard-work and other modern Western culture and values!
    Trump will win a second term!!

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    The Modern Patriots

    >>China bans ALL FOREIGN SOCIAL MEDIA from use in China.
    >>>>> China throws tantrum when other countries ask its social media company to follow their laws.

    It’s all still Over BBC’s head facepalm

  35. Avatar

    Typical Western hyporcisy, hope the religion of peace and your economic recession destroys you once and for all

  36. Avatar

    I am going now finaly buy a mask as it's halloween the only time of year we buy a mask , never ever for an illusion that is safety ,

    I will buy a mask amd i will go targetting politition's local mps ect and high banking offical's , lets see how long masks are legal as if i lose the plot fully and kill these moron's i cannot be done for murder if covid is cause of death period

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    Did you guys know that China ban Animal crossing game becouse it's a national Security threat.

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    China practices organ harvesting, China killed thousands in Tienanmen square back in 89, China locks up millions of its ethnic minorities without trial, separates Uyghur children from parents, ruthlessly surpresses dessent, arrests people for the crime of being Canadian. China by the way is not yet a superpower. it might yet become one, but even if it becomes the most powerful nation on earth it's hardly going to get very far if its only allies are North Korea and one or two basket case nations that it simply buys off. The quicker the west decouples from this nasty, heterodox and ultimately decadent regime the better.

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    China: ban animal crossing ,video games and apps for national Security threat
    America: no reaction
    America : ban Huawei ticktock and we chat
    China: Wait that's illegal!

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    Sahil Antil • 29 years and

    2:11 biggest joke! China is not a superpower ! And ffs stop saying that. One fight and there will be no trace of china.

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