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How Trump has mocked the health of his political opponents

During the 2016 and 2020 presidential campaigns, Donald Trump repeatedly mocked the health of Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden. Read more: Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube:

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    $50 bucks says that Fat Boy doesn’t make it to Friday 💯💀⚰️💰👍

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    When I make fun of trump for catching covid I just say, "don't worry, I'm being presidential".

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    OMG 😍💖❤️ 💋💝


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    60 thousand young soldiers died in Viet Nam so Trump could act like a Brave man. The soldiers that died in Viet Nam were brave. Where were you, Trump? Many of those men had bone spurs. I had bone spurs but I didn't have Trump's doctor.

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    Absolutely Trump/Pence 2020

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    He always accuses others of what he is guilty of. He exposes himself that way

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    tRump's cult love him so much because he mocks others, he is the big bully to their little bully.

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    Michelle Hernandez

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    He's a trash person

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    He deserves every bit the same respect and treatment he bestows upon others.
    Unless of course he's too weak and can't take it. 🙁

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    Trinity Barnes River Paul

    Very happy 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️

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    We need to start a pool on who in Trump's administration will be the next to test positive. I got Bill Barr. Somebody want Rudy?

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    So ignorant and disrespectful

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    First Trump contracts the disease he's been downplaying since the beginning. Now Trumptards are calling people inhuman monsters for laughing at Trump. There are so many levels of irony there. Hilarious.

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    Only Good people and good heart sees how good trump is… America we love your president….i wish he be the president of the world ( means if only he rule the world) it would be a beautiful and nice place to live on_ love from India

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    From "The Devil's Dictionary": "Trumpissm":

    A political doctrine governing America the years 2016 to 2020.

    Characterized by half the US population coming out as fools.

    Was dissolved by Uncle Biden when he told 'em to behave

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    COMPETENCE +COMMON SENSE +COURAGE // The Trump way// clarity and
    truth NOT chaos&confusion He may show us all how we can stop
    the panic over covid// (best defense your own immune system — or
    early intervention) // and just deal with it….via American
    ingenuity ..

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    Infoseeker dotmaduro

    The thing is that any sane person and individual with some basic knowledge of illness, would question these peoples health when seeing these videos of strange behavior, but now Trump is to blame. "Oh, but we can have a president with some demented like behavior cause we are the most powerful, but stupid nation in the world". The next thing would be a depressive president who kills himself during a press conference. Wonder where we are heading.

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    President Donald Trump.
    Darkness is Against You,
    But the light is with You.
    God Bless America & President Donald Trump.

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    Ministry of Truth

    President Projection… LMAO

  22. Avatar

    “Lying Republicans”, Corporate Socialists”!!

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    Kavitha Balkrishna

    His a joke.. With a clown like mentality… Embrassing…

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    Such a tiny, puny little man. He's pathetic.

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    I like presidents who don't get sick.

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    The Greeks wrote tragedies with actors
    using masks to portray different characters.
    Trump is both writing and acting out his own.
    'Losing face' made manifest:
    wearing a mask is a loss of face.
    Intolerable for a case like Trump.
    The name of his tragedy is "Trumpissm".

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    So he got the virus and he doesn't have to quarantine. Now he's going around spreading it. That ought to be considered a crime.

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    Karma karma karma karma karma craycray q anon

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    😁😷🐐 both are old ,weak and boring but Trump is better

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    The President has been very accurate.

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