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How Trump, Biden compare on foreign policy

Donald Trump and Joe Biden have outlined very different approaches to foreign affairs, but experts say no matter who wins the U.S. presidential election, Canada will feel the impact of those policy differences.

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  1. Avatar

    (Biden should come out and speak clearly about his financial relationship with Ukraine and China as soon as possible .)

  2. Avatar

    Hey butts, hug my 🥜’s!

  3. Avatar

    Trump is America Trump is USA

  4. Avatar

    Cbc woodchucks

  5. Avatar

    Trump's foreign policy = 3 separate nominations for the Nobel Peace Prize. Enuff said.

  6. Avatar

    Hey, CBC, how about a coverage on the Biden's family ties to China and Ukraine? No? Thought so.

  7. Avatar

    Anyone catching the Fox news interview about the biden scandal….how on earth is biden whether hunter, jim or joe not arrested or questioned yet?? Anyone one of us just speaking about doing what they have actually done and these morons seriously kept documents of the illegal activities….we would be locked up and treason would be 1 of he charges…..damn I cant understand how he is still in the Presidential race….I suppose he wants to win so he can bury this…..WOW!!

  8. Avatar

    CBC = Canadian Biden Control

  9. Avatar

    Hiden biden is at 75% to win says the expert… just to recap. … hil-liar-ree was a 96% shoe-in ….. didn't even campaign in a lot of states. .. took it all for granted. … ummm reminds me of a few years ago..{ the green new deal Demolished Stephen Dion… technically he called it "Green Shift!"). C'Mon man… u know the thing

  10. Avatar
    Dr Lee Percussion

    Biden is a warhawk and Trump will win, this is so obvious.

  11. Avatar

    Biden family crimes watch, CornPops revenge.

  12. Avatar

    Trump wants peace, No new wars, Bring Soldiers home in one piece and fair trade among our allies.
    Joe wants a peanut butter and banana sandwich.

  13. Avatar

    I can’t believe CBC saying trump down by ten points. Wow.

  14. Avatar

    CBC, please. Gerry Butts doing a comparison on Trump and Bilden what a load of a baloney LMAO.

  15. Avatar

    Lots of bots here I think

  16. Avatar

    It’s too bad Canada doesn’t have Trump like Prime Minister. Instead we have a politician puppet… shady and sneaky… sadly.

  17. Avatar

    An Irishman in Vancouver. Reading these heavy anti Buttz is bizarre. Allow me tell you, as some one with no history of this guy he's straight down the middle on fact based US/Canada/Candidate foreign policy. Anyone rubbishing that interview isn't an honest actor.

  18. Avatar

    Biden, Destroyed Libya, brought isis to the world, brought the disastrous Arab Spring to the Middle East, helped Iran’s militia to control Iraq, Yemen, Lebanon, Syria, rewarded Iran regime with 5 billion US dollars, helped China become out of control

  19. Avatar

    Go Covid and Trump. Ideal match made in heaven. I want to see 500,000 by February

  20. Avatar

    CBC, why should we trust you, let alone fund you?

  21. Avatar

    Are you kidding? Peace is breaking out all over the Middle East, thanks to Trump. If Biden is elected, I promise you wed have a return to war.

  22. Avatar

    I wonder if this was a paid spot for Mr. Butts, or just a friendly bone from the CBC to promote his current enterprise.

  23. Avatar

    I have a serious problem with journalists who don't even try to hide their bias. The interviewer brings up NATO and states that Trump caused harm? No, he asked the other countries to pay their SHARE of the cost! Prior to President Trump only 3 nations footed the entire bill, United States being one of them. Now 20 or 30 countries are contributing. Just like the trade deals you want to condemn him for renegotiating. It was politicians like Sleepy Creepy Joe that signed NAFTA and sent all our manufacturing jobs oversees. Trump is bringing those businesses back. Btw, he's also been nominated for 2 Nobel Peace Prizes and he's at peace with people/countries that Obama said war was inevitable with.

  24. Avatar

    Joe Biden's Crime Family

  25. Avatar

    Where's Hunter Biden?

  26. Avatar


  27. Avatar

    Wake up media! There's going to be a price to pay for your deep state support.

  28. Avatar

    A jabbering waste of skin.

  29. Avatar

    Challenging times for everybody

  30. Avatar

    Hopefully Trump wins

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