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How Touchscreen Works In Simple Words

How do touchscreens work anyway? Johnson was the first to create touchscreen technology, these displays hadn’t gained popularity till the 1970s, when the resistive touchscreen was accidentally invented. Further developing on that new technology, scientists at the University of Toronto invented the first multi-touch display in the 1980s. As for the very first touchscreen cell phones, they came out a little later in the 90s.

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– The scientists needed to use some equipment that was so overworked that it was only available at night. You can imagine how much that inconvenience was slowing down their progress! It was then when Dr. Hurst and his colleagues thought of using some electrically conductive paper in their research. By developing this idea, they eventually created the first computer touchscreen ever!
– What’s the magic behind the touchscreens we know and love today? If you thought that just one technology stands behind this “swipable” phenomenon of our time, think again! In fact, there are more than half a dozen approaches to make touchscreens work.
– The technology is simple: you press on the screen hard enough, and it bends and resists your touch (hence the name). But what happens next? The thing is that a resistive screen consists of two layers that can conduct electricity.
– Capacitive touch screens are made from either indium tin oxide or copper. Both these materials keep electrical charges in super-tiny wires, with each of them way thinner than a human hair.
– Ever wondered why your cell phone won’t respond when you’re wearing gloves? The problem is that clothes don’t conduct electricity (unless you have special gloves fitted with conductive threads of course!).
– Most people don’t realize just how widely used touchscreens are! In fact, nowadays it’s hard to find a field that doesn’t make use of them. Airplanes, stores, banks, schools and universities, hospitals, you name it!

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