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How to Take a Headshot With an iPhone and $30 of Gear | WSJ

Skip Apple’s unnatural studio-lighting effects. With just a few household items, a hardware store LED bulb and your iPhone, you can create your own LinkedIn-worthy headshot. WSJ’s Kenny Wassus shows you how it’s done.

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  1. Avatar

    Where are you Joanna

  2. Avatar

    Im always have problems with taking my own pics, leave alone headshots. The outcomes were just disappointed and appeared to be uglier than my real person and look.

  3. Avatar

    Feel bad for people with androids I got the iPhone 10

  4. Avatar

    The tripod will put you over $30

  5. Avatar

    I don’t have iPhone 11 pro

    But i am really big fan iPhone

  6. Avatar

    Whoa Kenny!

  7. Avatar
    Aurobindo Ghosh

    wsj advertising for apple and gets iphone

  8. Avatar

    'Headshot!' U got me there WSJ 😀

  9. Avatar

    What's this video? Nothing to do with the channel. Looks like a paid ad.

  10. Avatar

    What if I am still using iPhone 6s Plus….

  11. Avatar
    The Nerdy Bunso

    I wish everytime you have more than 1word caption/text in a shot, you'd allot more time for the viewer to at least read it. 0:11–0:13

  12. Avatar
    Mike Ruchington

    Or… get your flat mate to take a billion photos and pick the best one.

  13. Avatar

    John F Kennedy approves

  14. Avatar
    Jonathan Betaberg

    My wife puts me over $100,000 every year

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