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How to spot voter intimidation and what to do if it happens to you

Some states have already seen signs of voter intimidation at early voting locations. Here’s your guide on how to spot and avoid it. Read more: Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube:

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  1. Avatar

    The proud boys haven't burned down any buildings or looted innocent businesse owners. Antifa and BLM have been terrorizing cities for months. Are you blind or stupid.

  2. Avatar

    If you see right wing terrorists at a poll site call the police or your local fbi.

  3. Avatar

    Considering the fact that the MSM has lied about many things, particularly in the last few years, I find it ironic that they are concerned about American Patriots policing their own polling stations while there have been multiple confirmed instances of voter fraud and intimidation along with several cases of arson, all committed by "never Trumpers", and/or, confirmed BLM/ANTIFA supporters.
    Oddly enough, it is the same way with all of those fake hate crimes. Apparently, in spite of the continuing anti-White racism coming from the Left, they still haven't managed to create enough real, actual White Supremacists to meet the demand, so, they have to lie about it. It's pure projection.
    The hate and crime has always come from the Left.

  4. Avatar

    Man sounds like they describing YouTube. Facebook. Twitter. Google. Etc…

  5. Avatar

    Democrats and their media always project their own behavior on others.
    It is THEY who have been intimidating voters with their caustic rhetoric.

  6. Avatar

    If Canadians can't vote in the US election, it's considered voter suppression

  7. Avatar

    You two are morons. Faurd is a crime. You do have to be a citizen. Any citizen has a right to watch the voting progress. Like there's rules about only citizens voting.

  8. Avatar

    That anti trump BLM shithead intimidating me. Arrest him NOW ! oh….what? BLM = government workers? WTF

  9. Avatar
    Crow Creek Outdoors

    How about all the conservative accounts on YT, FB, and Twitter that have been locked or otherwise disabled over the past two weeks in a blatant act of selective censorship. I just got mine restored today when I brought up the censorship subject. MSM and big tech’s social media platforms have interfered in this election more so than any foreign entity ever has. They should be held accountable.

  10. Avatar

    She said “pole watcher”. Bet she watched a lot a poles

  11. Avatar

    Voter intimidation is when Kamala stands across from a voting line and uses a megaphone to try to coerce voters into voting for her. It's sad really how desperate the democrats are.

  12. Avatar

    Joe Biden and Jill knew their son screwed their own granddaughter and covered it up !🤮

  13. Avatar

    Joe Biden was at a voting sight i saw on Youtube last week & he was within the feet you described..This needs to be looked at bc it was wrong..He gave a speech & talked to voters!!

  14. Avatar

    Oh you mean just like Chelsea Handler just did to 50 Cent??? She shame tweets him demanding he votes Biden because hes Black? And then to take it one step farther she offers up a good time if he goes on Twitter and recants what he said?? I see 2 felonies right there and she should be arrested for it!!!

  15. Avatar

    Like Kamala with a megaphone at the polls the other day?

  16. Avatar

    Kamala Harris commits federal crime by preaching her agenda to people standing in line in Ohio 2 days ago.

  17. Avatar

    Wow more Marxist propaganda. These people should all go to jail.

  18. Avatar

    The Gateway Pundit – read about Hunt3r’s affairs with his niece and Joe Biden’s texts to cover it up. Evidence & Pictures of Crime that make me sick🤮

  19. Avatar

    I think we all know if we're being intimidated. Poll watchers are allowed. Intimidating is not. There is a process to become a poll watcher. Follow the rules.

  20. Avatar

    So I see the Democrats are using COVID to keep people away from the polls. How about that?

  21. Avatar

    You mean like when Biden said if you vote for trump you ain't black. Classic old white racist telling black people how to vote

  22. Avatar

    LMAO there hasn't been widespread voter intimidation in more than 50 years in this country. How about voter misinformation, like this video, which is CURRENTLY HAPPENING?

  23. Avatar

    Like Kamala Harris making a rah-rah speech at the polling place.

  24. Avatar

    Washington post is such garbage.

  25. Avatar

    Hunter Biden had sexual relations with his dead brothers wife and her underage daughter while Joe knew and did nothing.

  26. Avatar
    The Real Dirty Dan

    This is why Trump will win.

  27. Avatar

    Voter intimidation = BLM / Antifa
    "Look at this Trumper… Shoot him"
    Result: Dead samaritan dead. Thank you BLM

  28. Avatar

    The left will enact on voter Intimidation. Vote for Biden or else! This is not the America we should have.

  29. Avatar

    Take your daily dose of fear

  30. Avatar

    ❤️🇺🇸Trump 2020🇺🇸❤️
    Nobody can mess with me!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  31. Avatar

    I just love President Trump! 🇺🇸
    Trump 2020❤️

  32. Avatar

    Partisan rallies like New Black Panther Party voter intimidation case threatening voters trying to enter a polling location in 2008?

  33. Avatar

    "Voter intimidation," according to the WaPo, means anyone expressing disagreement with a leftist or campaigning for a non-leftist. On the other hand, if you get assaulted by a leftist "peaceful protester" on the way to vote, the Washington Post will just black it out or blame "Russian disinformation." What a joke.

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