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How to Solve a 2×2 Rubik’s Cube in a Minute | The Quickest Tutorial

Are you looking for a creative way to impress your friends with your skills? Here’s the way to solve a 2×2 Rubik’s Cube that works 100% of the time! But first things first – you should know the Rubik’s Cube lingo. It’s all simple and logical.

Each capital letter stands for a face of the cube that turns clockwise. When there is an apostrophe, it means you should go counter clockwise 90 degrees. You’re going to use 8 basic moves to solve a 2×2 cube. The cube will rotate clockwise if you look at it from the right face side that’s marked with an X. You’ll only use 3 algorithms, so it’s all really simple.

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👉 2×2 cube 👈 1:17

The right fingertrick 1:33
The left fingertrick 2:23
Corner rotation 3:17
Solving the bottom layer 4:11
Solving the top layer 4:52
If two corners are next to each other 5:20
If two corners are in a diagonal 6:08
Swapping the corners 6:53

👉 3×3 cube 👈 7:25

White cross 8:07
White corners 8:39
The middle layer 9:29
The yellow cross 10:10
The yellow edges 10:52
The yellow corners 11:33
The final stage 12:38

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– Turn the right face of the cube clockwise 90 degrees, upper face clockwise, the right face counter clockwise, and upper face counter clockwise.
– The left face goes counter clockwise, the upper face goes counter clockwise. Then, the left face turns counter clockwise, and the upper face – counter clockwise.
– First, you turn the right face clockwise, then the front face counter clockwise. Then, right face goes counter clockwise, and finally the front face turns clockwise.
– Let’s find the right corner. It’s usually marked with a sticker and is white, blue and red.
– Let’s find the corner that matches in two colors with the bottom layer that’s already solved and put it in the right place.
– There are no algorithms solving the white cross. You just have to go with your intuition and rotate the side layers to get there.
– You can put the corners of a 3×3 cube into place using the same algorithms as for the 2×2 one.
– You are going to need two algorithms to solve this one. The right and the left center rotation. Because you are a pro with all the algorithms already, this should be no big deal.
– For the yellow cross, you are only going to need one algorithm. If it doesn’t work out the first time, keep trying until you get the yellow cross.
– The yellow edges is an algorithm that shifts the two central edges of the upper layer that are in a diagonal line.
– Final stage is simple. You’ve gotta keep going until the yellow part is on top. Without changing the cube’s position, turn the upper layer moving the next corner you want to get in place. Eventually, it will all be done.

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