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How to Properly (and Safely) Disinfect Your Home | WSJ

To help protect against the coronavirus, the CDC recommends cleaning and disinfecting frequently touched surfaces daily. Bryan Warcholek, who leads the Covid-19 team for biohazard clean-up company Aftermath Services, shows how it’s done. Photo: Adam Falk/The Wall Street Journal

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    First comment & likes from Chennai city India 🤩🤩🙌🙏🙏🏼🙏🏼

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    How to uninfect this word from discrimination from color , race , relegion ?? Any advice ?

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    keep up the good work peqB

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    No American has the patience, attention span or desire to actually change their behavior, especially when it comes to cleanliness or consideration of others.

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    Up to Minute 0:14
    So.. 🤔
    Semi-clean kitchens have Coronavirus now?
    That's a new one.
    Well.. 🙄
    Time to find some charcoal, get to grillin' and light up them sausages.
    Remembering the commercial from 1999:
    (Outside on the lake, on the deck, the actor shouts loud):
    "Who wants Johnsonville Brats?!"
    Nice try WSJ!

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    Everyone: WSJ makes news about finance and business

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    But this way ur killing the good bacteria too

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    Black Vito - Moneyology

    Well if you get mustard on the counter lick it off before anyone sees you and keep it moving

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    do i get brownie points for watching this.

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    You cannot disinfect the Universe.
    Disinfection can be done once in a while (maybe every a cople of times in a week) but doing it multiple times in a day will take a lot of time and you'll wreck your immune system in the process.

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    Fully disinfecting your home 2-3x per day like this has to qualify as OCD. Frankly nuts.

    I would consider it if you were living with someone with a high communicable disease, but probably your better option is to live separate for a while, if feasible (ie, they can take care of themselves).

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    Bleach bombs! Works great. 😎

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    disinfecting kitchen? close windows, leave gas open and light a match after some time

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    after watching this, not feeling even to do normal cleaning.

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