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How to mirror and extend screen with Link to MyASUS? | ASUS

MyASUS includes the handy Link to MyASUS tool. Let’s discover how Link to MyASUS makes it easy to mirror your phone to your PC, or even extend your PC screen to your phone or tablet!

Link to MyASUS seamlessly integrates your ASUS PC with your mobile devices, boosting your productivity and allowing easier multitasking. The amazing Mirror and Screen Extender function enable you to make the best use of 2 devices. Download the Link to MyASUS App now and discover how Link to MyASUS can simplify your life!

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    Emmanuel Cajucom


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    I love asus….🤳

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    Lovely features…

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    I bought Zenbook UX 430 UA in July 2018. And now I am REALLY ENVY !

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    Before anyone wastes their time on this nonsense, I should mention that this would only work on the latest devices with Intel® 10th Generation and AMD® Ryzen 4000 or later. God forbid you bought your perfectly functional computer 2 or 3 years ago. I just wasted an hour of my life only to realize this would not work on either my Microsoft Surface Pro (2017) with intel 5th generation or my Asus ROG laptop with intel 7th generation.

    tldr: DONT WASTE YOUR TIME unless you have the latest device running the latest processor!

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