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How to make the best use of ASUS ScreenPad 2.0 | ASUS

Powered by the new ScreenXpert software, ScreenPad 2.0 now has a larger 5.65-inch touchscreen that offers many new features and benefits. Its intuitive smartphone-like interface lets you easily manage tasks and create your own seamless multitasking workflow.

Learn more about ScreenPad Plus:

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    actually nobody wants to do his work and enjoy his time spontaneously. 🤔

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    A real use case would be to watch a tutorial on youtube (on the screen pad) and follow along by actually doing what you are learning about on the main screen. The suggested use cases in the above video are gimmicky.

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    Купил 4 года назад ноутбук asus N 56V за 800$ через 2 года вышла из строя батарея ,через три блок питания,через 4 года дискретная видеокарта. Думаете я еще куплю что-то у вас? Нет нет нет!!!!

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    Just got mine. It definitely takes some getting use too. I'm not sure the need is there to warrant this but i do have to play around with it some more.

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    kapan masuk indonesia woy, lama banget.

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    Please get rid of the 16:9 aspect ratio and go for 16:10 or better yet 3:2 displays in the future

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    Don't buy asus products they are bad quality products and only work for some time. I bought Zenfone max pro m2 i have changed its display twice under warranty and this is the third time its motherboard is giving problem also, i bought a laptop rog 305l which i already repaired under warranty laptop motherboard and battery was also giving problem and their customer care service is also pathetic they won't give any reasonable response i bought laptop for 86 thousands and phone for 13000 all waste please please please DON'T BUY ASUS PRODUCT ITS A GARBAGE COMPANY SELLING GARBAGE PRODUCTS WITH SOME GOOD SPECA TO ATTRACT COSTOMER BUT THE PRODUCT WON'T LAST LONG #QUITASUSINDIA #QUITASUSPRODUCTS

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