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How To Make Gummy Candy

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  1. Avatar

    Awesome. With recipe will be better.

  2. Avatar

    The silence is eerie and deafening.

  3. Avatar

    Imagine how chaotic if it was HowToBasic video.

  4. Avatar

    My question is does the creator of this video have a latex fetish or something?

  5. Avatar

    The gloves, and the chemical beaker, makes this video very disturbing.

  6. Avatar

    So it's a homemade "Hot It's Made" episode, excellent!!😂😂

  7. Avatar

    Who else chewed of a bit just the see what's on the inside and then get dissapointed because it's all the same

  8. Avatar

    Nice and peaceful video. Absolutely love it

  9. Avatar

    The snozzberries taste like snozzberries!

  10. Avatar

    So sugar,gelatine and chemicals for flavour and colour. Mmm, don't get mint flavoured gummies in the shop here, and I love mint.

  11. Avatar

    Now we all have visual proof to avoid eating these.

  12. Avatar

    I'm loving these comments better than the video

  13. Avatar

    Does anyone here know how long it takes when it's in the boiling pot?

  14. Avatar

    bout to make some ediblesssssss TKSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

  15. Avatar

    The fact that theres next to no noises really gets to me

  16. Avatar

    Am i the only one who's mouth just went all watery for a bit there?😂

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