How To Change Our Own Genes

by Moin Uddin Ahmed Tipu

It’s called epigenetics and according to new research, it can influence everything from a human’s weight to a small animal’s propensity to fall in love. And as Anthony tells us, small life changes actually give us control to how these genes are expressed.

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Gene switches make prairie voles fall in love

“Epigenetic changes affect neurotransmitters that lead to pair-bond formation.”

Mom’s gastric bypass surgery might benefit her offspring’s DNA

“When a woman undergoes weight loss surgery, her own body isn’t the only one affected: children born to women after they’ve undergone gastric bypass procedures exhibit key genetic differences compared to siblings born prior to the surgeries.”

Differential methylation in glucoregulatory genes of offspring born before vs. after maternal gastrointestinal bypass surgery

“Obesity and overnutrition during pregnancy affect fetal programming of adult disease. Children born after maternal bariatric gastrointestinal bypass surgery (AMS) are less obese and exhibit improved cardiometabolic risk profiles carried into adulthood compared with siblings born before maternal surgery (BMS).”

Stress makes you sick by changing your genes

“Most of us are well aware that stress dramatically heightens our susceptibility to contracting illnesses — both physical and psychological.”

Why Your DNA Isn’t Your Destiny

“At its most basic, epigenetics is the study of changes in gene activity that do not involve alterations to the genetic code but still get passed down to at least one successive generation.”

Nucleus accumbens dopamine differentially mediates the formation and maintenance of monogamous pair bonds

“The involvement of dopamine within the nucleus accumbens in the formation and maintenance of pair bonds was assessed in a series of experiments using the monogamous prairie vole.”

Histone deacetylase inhibitors facilitate partner preference formation in female prairie voles

“In the socially monogamous prairie vole (Microtus ochrogaster), mating induces enduring pair-bonds that are initiated by partner preference formation and regulated by a variety of neurotransmitters, including oxytocin, vasopressin and dopamine.”

The Role of Methylation in Gene Expression

“Not all genes are active at all times. DNA methylation is one of several epigenetic mechanisms that cells use to control gene expression.”

Is Our Health Determined By Our Genes?

“Epigenetics is the study of molecular mechanisms by which our environment controls our gene activity.”

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Sleep Loss Screws Your Genes

So Much Junk DNA

Love Stinks


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Paul Mac August 10, 2020 - 4:06 AM

Your question "what do I think?' Well I think it is absolutely true, you can change your genes and it has happened to me. After many years of research and being told flippantly by my heart specialist to study epigenetics, I discovered that adrenergic crisis episodes I endure are due to a mutation from my genes from post traumatic stress. I am fascinated by what I have learned, however, the more I know, the more there is to understand. I would love to find out any information which could help me after years of not knowing or understanding what the hell was going on. Thanks for the video. Sue

Jcaa Monkman August 11, 2020 - 9:21 AM

This is trash your can’t CHANGES your genes 🧬 it’s impossible. Also because genes is DNA you CANT change it.

SHO September 5, 2020 - 4:54 PM

So those parents did injustice with their 1st children.

Some Curiosities September 11, 2020 - 4:29 AM

"What we do in life echoes in eternity."

cyprus 123 September 24, 2020 - 3:16 AM

love is the answer brothers and sister , less masturbate more sex , less talk more kiss , less vodka more wine .

Nope FTW October 2, 2020 - 11:50 AM

I'm tired of people trying to remove accountability for our way to impact our children's lives. Personality is great so is self care anyone with an ideal personality could respect that. People of the same gene class should date people of the same gene class they can't pull down the upper gene class and people of the same genes could balance each others out overtime without harming the better gene people, because we need more of them especially in todays physically and mentally degraded world.

Paper Animate04 October 5, 2020 - 8:36 AM

I changed my gender and I looked better all the girls wanted me until it change back kind of like sqwidord right

Harry Undead October 7, 2020 - 5:42 AM

Don’t start with the “Healthy life” thing

CODYDA GOAT101 October 8, 2020 - 1:43 AM

Could hair texture change ?????

InternetThaiGuy October 9, 2020 - 8:16 PM

They said subliminal can change your genes

Pipe, the gadoll October 31, 2020 - 9:38 PM

Let's make a superhuman society and create some real MHA. We will all change our genes and maybe our kids over the years will have some physical changes and weird looks to them(but not too badly) and BOOM…heros will be born

John J. Rambo November 3, 2020 - 4:00 AM

This video has many inaccuracies. First off you don’t turn on or off genes as he said.

Your genes automatically dictate how your body will react to living a poor lifestyle as opposed to a healthy one. Nobody has “fat” genes. We are all designed to eat a specific diet and going outside the l realms of said diet will cause issues.

Plo Koon November 26, 2020 - 1:57 PM

I have black hair,but my sister has brown hair. How can i get brown hair as well?

Nam Joo -hyuk December 12, 2020 - 7:47 PM

Why fear when cloning is here ?

jowex December 23, 2020 - 1:29 AM


Jaco Flez December 26, 2020 - 11:43 PM

Everyone knows that if you eat at McDonald’s for more than a week your genes will irreversible change and you will look like Ronald McDonald
(Check this guy out and seek help )

Scientific Creature January 1, 2021 - 10:19 PM

Welp, time to turn off the derived allele in my EDAR gene cuz I'm tired of looking stereotypically asian.

Fat bitch January 31, 2021 - 12:25 PM

i want to change my hair type from 4c to 3b idk if it’s possible

Asia Moroon February 1, 2021 - 8:57 AM

So can you change hair types

Elena Johnson February 20, 2021 - 1:37 PM

What should i do if i want to have my legs longer? I'm already adult.

I. Vega February 25, 2021 - 7:49 AM

Ring ring

Caesar April 13, 2021 - 12:40 AM

The thumbnail should be changed. I thought he will tell me how I could have my genes edited to become ginger.

Kris K May 11, 2021 - 3:37 PM

I want to glow in the dark

Killer Alex July 2, 2021 - 12:42 PM

so basically it would help my offsprings ;-; how lame v

Jonathan Flores July 10, 2021 - 11:24 AM

Hopefully I can change my DNA to be natural skinny. Ha yeah only in my dreams

John Cloois July 11, 2021 - 6:26 AM

Hot thumbnail, glad you picked a mutant.

RUSSIAN BOT July 20, 2021 - 7:16 AM


Killer Alex August 10, 2021 - 6:13 PM

My offsprings? I wanna change my life first 😭

DoLgIgGleS August 29, 2021 - 4:45 AM

When I saw this video i quickly clicked on it and said I can finally change my hair type to make it long straight and soft and my hair color and eye color.

Vijayander Kumar September 22, 2021 - 12:30 PM

So why cosmetic surgery doesn't change gene?

Yoda September 25, 2021 - 1:51 PM

Meditation is the answer.

Britney Tezino December 1, 2021 - 3:45 AM

This is amazing

MONSTERGAMER December 4, 2021 - 4:10 PM

There are a few genetics that I want to actually change so this videos was pretty helpful but only lie one thing I want to change cause I hate it