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How to camp in winter

Many people are looking for ways to enjoy the outdoors during the COVID-19 pandemic. Winter camping is a great option, according to Dragan Uzelac and Crystal Bezeau of Niko Wilderness Education. You just need five key things.

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  1. Avatar

    eat a lot and find a cave and sleep

  2. Avatar

    How to camp in Dark Winter?

  3. Avatar

    I've been going out at least a few times a winter for about eighteen years now, and I love it. So peaceful, and a great sense of accomplishment.

  4. Avatar

    CBC telling people to sleep outdoors in winter, catch a cold to pump those numbers up.

  5. Avatar
    Nicole Janee 1890 Vartanian

    Thank you! As someone who is currently in lockdown in the densest part of the city, it was so refreshing seeing the great wide open and no other people around. 💫

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    How to get shot at by a farmer

  7. Avatar

    White people explaining how to survive in the wilderness. CBC y'all gross.

  8. Avatar
    Amazing views from BC Girl

    Cool 😎

  9. Avatar

    It's called being homeless, go try it and understand the plight of many Canadians you would spit at if you weren't winter Camping because that is what Canada is. Maybe first nations should have taught this, no?

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    KARTHIKEYAN S B.E.Biomedical


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