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How the Virus Could Spread Through a Stadium | WSJ

Sports fans are longing to return to the stands, but health experts say stadiums are one of the highest-risk areas for coronavirus transmission. Dr. Peter Chin-Hong, an infectious disease specialist, walks us through how easily the virus could spread among the crowd. Photo Illustration: Alex Kuzoian

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  1. Avatar

    And this is how I couldn’t care at all and can assume my own risk assessment.

  2. Avatar
    swapnil dhakate

    Hope to get pl and UCL backkk

  3. Avatar

    The fear mongering continues. Be afraid people! Be afraid!

  4. Avatar
    Mercy Salvation

    Just STOP with the damnable fear mongering! The FLU spreads thru every venu and we don't LITERALLY KILL PEOPLE, by deciding to shut down the economy and allowing the government to decide who is essential! JUST STOP!

  5. Avatar
    William Stinson

    WSJ are half senders

  6. Avatar

    "Sports fans are longing to return to the stands" Not really. Most avid sports fans digest events by streaming or on TV. I had no idea a virus could spread though…Amazing reporting.

  7. Avatar

    Propaganda scary tactics somebody get me out of here place has gone mad I see trouble ahead

  8. Avatar

    Stop trying to spread fear. The scam is over.

  9. Avatar
    Pradhyumn Choudhary

    I wanna die

  10. Avatar

    Just don’t go to sporting events! Watch them from home if you even like grown men wrestling over a oval ball.

  11. Avatar

    WSJ is NewsCorp. Fox News is NewsCorp. What gives with the difference in coverage?

  12. Avatar

    Translation Don't go to political rallies. Because it will help one party, but not Creepy Joe.

    PLANdemic. By any means necessary.

  13. Avatar

    Shut up fear mongers

  14. Avatar
    Minnesota Merry

    There's no chance that the WSJ is spreading fear – NO – not at all!

  15. Avatar

    It wasn't this bad for aids or the clap

  16. Avatar

    Two questions:
    -Should the virus explode in the fall, would you choose to be in the USA or Sweden?
    -Today, is more misery sourced from the virus or the lockdown?

  17. Avatar

    We are never getting to Stage 4 for churches, movies, and large venues everything as we know it has permanently changed. I hope MLB, NFL, and all other sports go bankrupt! The economy will survive if people dont attend dumb games.

  18. Avatar

    Time to report

  19. Avatar

    No different than any other virus spreads… except the media brainwashing you.

  20. Avatar

    They already r back in Germany and they play without fans

  21. Avatar

    Talk about a public health nightmare! A stadium filled with yelling fans.

  22. Avatar

    You cannot hide forever. 85x of the population do not develop any symptoms or very mild symptoms. We hnow the virus now, we do have effective treatments and the public attending the sporting events are not the risk groups. The virus ravaged the old people homes not the sporting fields.

  23. Avatar

    Sorry this is a crock of #!&%$. From a real expert.

  24. Avatar

    we’re being brainwashed

  25. Avatar

    New Slogan for Dem campaign
    A President We can believe in.

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