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How the Troll Movie's Streaming Victory Could Remake Hollywood | WSJ

As movie theaters sit empty during the coronavirus pandemic, some films are being released direct to streaming services and digital platforms, shaking up a distribution model that’s been in place for decades. WSJ explains.

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  1. Avatar

    Stop funding from Chinese and islamists into Hollywood

  2. Avatar
    Financial Shinanigan

    Good, movie theaters are the worst!

  3. Avatar

    Hmmmm explained …very well …nice work

  4. Avatar

    Theatres need to evolve and have it be a one-stop experience that includes real food, adult beverages and movie tech that can’t be pieced together at home. Then again, maybe they just need to fix the sound bleeding in from the adjacent auditorium.

  5. Avatar

    Amc should make a streaming platform

  6. Avatar

    AMC needs to adapt or die just like everyone else.

  7. Avatar

    Look at the movies released in 1998, then try using your brain

  8. Avatar
    Chris Lane Jones

    I hate going to the theaters. Don't care about AMC demise.

  9. Avatar

    People want to go out, they don't want to watch movies in their living room or worse, on the 5" screen of their phone.

  10. Avatar
    Warren Philips

    Theaters have been increasingly gouging movie goers for decades. I will not miss them.

  11. Avatar
    Latasha Thomas

    Going to the movies is one of my favorite things. I hope they can come back.

  12. Avatar

    AMC: …and i’ll ban you forever. See how you manage without me!

    The entirety of the industry: Ok boomer

    Blockbuster: Hold my beer

  13. Avatar
    Black Vito - Moneyology

    I like the movie theater but, it's nice to know tou won't have some talking throughout the movie or someone who thought it would be a good idea to bring a newborn to a loud theater

  14. Avatar

    The trend toward digital will continue and even if films🎞 return to theaters the window of exclusivity will be much shorter. One play for the theaters is to really embrace the luxury/premium theater model🍿🍺. Your standard run-of-the-mill AMC or Regal theater is not positioned well to survive this shift in consumer behavior. 📉

  15. Avatar

    More people prefer streaming most of the time.

  16. Avatar

    people still pay for movies? Bittorrent is free. havnt paid for a movie or song in 20 years

  17. Avatar

    This was going to happen anyway….it was just a matter of time.

  18. Avatar

    I can see smaller chain movie theaters thriving in this

  19. Avatar

    I don’t go to movie theaters, because there are kids, expensive snacks, sticky floors, rude customers, and watching it at home, I can pause the film, if I have to pee. All around better experience. I don’t consider a film out, until it hits digital services.

  20. Avatar

    People aren't going to the movies because movies push social agendas instead of a good storyline

  21. Avatar

    Movie theaters were pretty disease ridden before the crisis, food all on the seats and sticky floors. It should be a crime to have them open again knowing what we do about Coronavirus

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