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How the ‘Baby Shark’ Creators Are Looking to Expand Their Empire | WSJ

The South Korean company behind the hit video “Baby Shark” is hoping to expand its empire with films and merchandise while pursuing the next viral sensation. Its strategy aims to beat competitors in an increasingly crowded space for children’s attention. Image: Pinkfong

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    Guruprasad Sanga

    First Comment Flex

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    Coronavirus do do do coronavirus do do do coronavirus do do do COVID 19

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    Why Pinkfong and Cocomelon have more views on youtube than other youtubers?

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    Why is this gay song so popular

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    Their empire is the most expansive in the world.

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    I absolutely hate that song

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    The Washington Nationals brought me here.

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    PoopMotion Studio

    wsj sucks

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    There are hundreds already out there with same business model. Never came across this one.

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    Hannah Llewellyn

    Need more videos for altism and speail needs teen girls and boys

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    There’s just so much you can make from a one trick pony…

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    At 6:56, why does that employee have a window of her webcam view? Is that one of those software that record the employee to make sure their eyes are always on the computer screen? lol

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    Aurobindo Ghosh

    in china does the ad tell not to fish for shark fins?

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    Seductive Pussycat*** TAP ON MY PHOTO

    😸 💪 ⭐

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    I actually never heard this baby shark song and I avoid listening to it like the plague.

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