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How States Verify Signatures On Mail-In Ballots | NBC Nightly News

At least 31 states and the District of Columbia require election officials to compare signatures on the ballot security envelope to past signatures on file. An NBC News review found only 0.3% of 33 million mail-in ballots cast in 2016 were not counted due to a reported signature mismatch.
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How States Verify Signatures On Mail-In Ballots | NBC Nightly News

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    Unfortunately, my signature on my license isn't my best. Signed in haste at the secretary of state on a tiny digital pad.

    I will need to get a new absentee ballot envelope. I have been working on forging my own signature … to be safe.

    The only problem is the more I think about my signature, the more legible it gets 🙁

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    NBC sucks for rewarding Trump!!! Boooooo!!! Thumbs down!!! Boycotting you for a whole year regardless of the outcome of the elections!

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    Stop being lazy. It’s that simple. Vote in person.

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    Only requested ballots are verified

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