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How Robinhood Is Shaking Up Stock Trading | WSJ

As millions of new traders sign up for the investment app Robinhood, the company is facing scrutiny for enabling some inexperienced users to make risky bets. WSJ spoke with a financial education professional and two Robinhood traders about how the app is shaking up the brokerage industry.

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  1. Avatar

    This video is misleading, on Robinhood you have to elect to trade Options. It isn't readily accessible, people need to take responsibility for their actions. This is typical American mindset, "It was not my fault, it's theres."

  2. Avatar

    Fyi, if you buy a fractional share with Robinhood you cannot transfer that unto another broker, unlike whole shares

  3. Avatar

    I'm so happy that retail investors are trading. These autists will lose all their money to institutions and HNWI's.

  4. Avatar

    As soon as my handful of stocks took off, my account suddenly was closed and customer service hasnt gotten back to me. It's ironic that they call themselves Robinhood, because they've stolen from the poor, to give to themselves.

  5. Avatar

    Robin hood is not a fictional character.
    Do your research

  6. Avatar

    I never knew wsj had gone this far against democracy.

  7. Avatar

    Robinhood gives us means for financial independence.
    Add a more elaborate tutorial on options and done. Some will see any thing as a game.

  8. Avatar
    Nillys Realm MvP

    Everyone being a keyboard warrior saying “these young kids don’t know anything in investing/trading” why are you mad???? It’s their decision, so why are you mad that they are loosing money? You got to start somewhere. If they go in debt that’s their own fault for being dumb. Robinhood brought the stock market to young people! So what’s the problem? Let them learn I say!

  9. Avatar

    Credit to Bill Brewster for raising awareness and sharing his family tragedy.

  10. Avatar

    Options always has Levels, you can check with Webull, Fidelity, Schwab etc. This is gather good, as you don’t want to give newbies stuff they don’t know about.

  11. Avatar

    Charles Schwab catered to the old white rich crowd. It didn't even have a intuitive mobile app, neither did E-trade, both interfaces were complete garbage. Robinhood just made it easier for millennials to enter the market and cut out the obscene fees.

  12. Avatar

    The fact that that RH lets anyone trade derivates from the get-go is all you need to know about the customer base and the type of company it is. Yes, they provided the market with "disruptive innovation" of zero-commission trades, but how long can that carry a company. The charm of Capital One's 0% interest credit cards for 15 months only lasted a couple of months until their competitors matched. To learn about markets, perfectly fine application!

  13. Avatar

    In India zerodha is the equivalent of robinhood

  14. Avatar

    What is Robinhood's business model? How are they making money?

  15. Avatar

    What would they rather us do? Collect .01% interest with Wells Fargo until we are in our 40s and “understand” the risk like they do?

  16. Avatar

    Sounds like Ms. Falconne doesn't like a competitor in their market that is changing the meta.

  17. Avatar
    PragmaticCrane0 0

    If you get deep into this please consider Think or Swim (TOS), Webull, or something with good analytics. Robinhood gives you next to nothing to analyze stocks off of when it comes to charting. A good start is a 180 SMA, 14 EMA, RSI, and pay attention to volume. I've only been studying a little over a year but so far I'm up 4,200 over the Summer. Hopefully it's not luck. If anyone newer than I already am has any questions then feel free to ask me them.

  18. Avatar

    Came for the tendies

  19. Avatar

    That lady Tara falcone's pay check might have dropped substantially, that's why she is whining about robinhood…….the frustration is clear on her face😂😂😂

  20. Avatar

    Anything to avoid hard work… or even working, eventual winner Robinhood

  21. Avatar

    yeah… do your research and DD it's investing not a magic money machine.

  22. Avatar

    I normally enjoy WSJ videos.. but tbh this is BRUTAL, Tara is in this video pretending like she some kind of GuRu.

    It is NOT that complicated to learn how to invest & options are not some next level advance trading.
    I speak from experience, I learned in just a few months just about everything I need to know about trading stocks, I manage to turn 2k into 20k on webull. 5k on RH to 30k no problem.
    YOU can do this too!

    Manage your risk properly & you'll be fine.

    Options grant higher Gains but at a HIGHER RISK. start small, don't copy the ppl at WSB yolo thread. Risk only what you can afford to lose.
    Go watch TD Ameritrade lessons & Read on investopedia & soon enough you'll be just as "smart" as Tara Fulcone.

  23. Avatar
    Angel Deplorable

    I just found out recently that theres a difference between shareholders & stakeholders… But I'm not either one of those anyways lol

  24. Avatar
    Angel Deplorable

    2:29 …"decisions belong to their owners" ??? Wth is that supposed to mean? Sounds like shes afraid to say what the coded meaning behind her statement really means… Just like all the politicians, ceos, lawyers, etc etc
    Why doesn't she just tell these young people what they're actually buying then? She said they don't really understand what they're purchasing…. sigh.

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