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How QAnon’s Unfounded Conspiracy Theories Spread In The Suburbs | NBC Nightly News

Support for QAnon, a movement that spreads unfounded conspiracy theories, is growing in the suburbs. NBC News’ Kate Snow speaks to supporters outside Pittsburgh.
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How QAnon’s Unfounded Conspiracy Theories Spread In The Suburbs | NBC Nightly News

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  1. Avatar
    Stephen Persilver


  2. Avatar

    LMAO… you wanna see some REAL conspiracy theories… pure nut jobs blathering about insane fantasies… check out the comments on any CNN or MSDNC video.

  3. Avatar

    These anti-Semitic extremist have been caught messing with and stealing peoples' mail. The same goes for the many ones caught dumping ballots in dumpsters etc.. It's almost like some of these people are coordinating those actions.

  4. Avatar

    So, the folks who cry "FAKE NEWS" – believe everything they see from an unverified source on the dark web? ADORABLE!
    "Pizza-Gate Princess" Pop-Punk song (FUNNY)

  5. Avatar
    The Crawfish Killers

    The left is mad because it’s not BLM

  6. Avatar

    More importantly, we wanna know about the Hunter Biden scandal that democrats are hiding.

  7. Avatar

    Why are all the Q anon channels, pages, groups, and profiles being removed from Facebook and YouTube?

  8. Avatar

    0:27 I do not owe anybody anymore with the help of, p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m

  9. Avatar

    OMG! This woman is NUTS!

  10. Avatar

    Q anon …"some things are true…"

  11. Avatar

    If it's based only on opinion not facts its a conspiracy theory and so keep away from it.

  12. Avatar

    1:19 I quit my job because of, p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m

  13. Avatar
    Wales Nematollahi

    This suburban woman has the mind and decision-making powers of a three-minute egg.

  14. Avatar

    Sorry Big Tech companies, NBC, and the rest of the mainstream Media. We know your protecting Biden.
    Giuliani Previews UNRELEASED Info From Hunter's Hard Drive — Could Sink Biden Before Election

  15. Avatar

    Qanon is BS. If it was real, then where are the news articles and DOJ reports of all the pedophile rings that Trump has broken and prosecuted? That would be front page news…yet there are none! It's totally fake!

  16. Avatar

    PHUCK abc, nbc, cbs and all the fascist communist news sites. Soon you all will be brought to JUSTICE. LAW AND ORDER WILL BREAK YOUR BACKS LIKE A TWIG. TRAITORS ALL OF YOU.

  17. Avatar

    This lady is sick please get her help

  18. Avatar

    so many got trolled, let the bodies hit the floor!!

  19. Avatar

    Its proven its why maxwell is in jail..

  20. Avatar

    You all know there have been thousand people saved from traffickers this year in our own country. Do you get real news. Pompeo and barr have had pressers talking about it.

  21. Avatar

    Has divided america because of revealing truth? Patriots

  22. Avatar
    Thomas Lightningbolt

    Ha! If Q Anon "conspiracy theory" is fake as they claim, then release the video to the public that was found on the Weiner lap top starring Hillary Clinton and her top aide Uma! a video that made grown men seasoned police officers cry! You disgust me america! You deserve Covid!

  23. Avatar

    if there were a real video showing Hilary abusing a child that would be evidence. Let's see it

  24. Avatar

    Qanon is an up-and-coming movement dedicated to the restoration of the rule of law. #Trump2Q2Q

  25. Avatar

    Fiction eh? Unfounded eh? Unproven eh?
    Where is the whole thing with Ghilene Maxwell and Jeffery Epstein going?
    Well, The Hill is catching on…

  26. Avatar
    Emmanuele Spataro


  27. Avatar

    And you wonder why they let Black men vote before white women!

  28. Avatar

    Lizards here. Hissssss, hissssss. Frazzledrip, we all know. Suicide weekend now? Bye, bye…I'm human, yea humans! We can climb so high…lol

  29. Avatar

    The new Scientology

  30. Avatar

    Steve Jobs is still alive and he is Q!

  31. Avatar

    Bunch of flat earth believers

  32. Avatar

    Just voted and this is the first time i have voted straight Democrat, we have to take back our country.

  33. Avatar

    We are all Q. WWG1WGA
    Why is MSM spending so much time on a " conspiracy theory " should be the question.

  34. Avatar

    It's very telling that even with video evidence of frazzledrip, they claim it's fake.

  35. Avatar

    Q member: We recently did a survey of all our members and they voted the wrist gun watch as their favorite Q gadget. If u recall this was used by Bond in Moonraker. We wanted America to know this bc our country is facing grave dangers especially from the left.

  36. Avatar

    Do these people realize how dumb they sound and look. Got far too much time on their hands.

  37. Avatar
    Galatians 3:26 - 29

    "Unfounded Conspiracy Theory."

    Jeffrey Epstein. Pizzagate. Pedophilia rings and child trafficking. It's not Qanon you should be worrying about. It's pedophiles in high powers.

    It's not "unfounded," reporters. Time for you to revolve against your masters, and report the Truth. Truth is a part of spirit of journalism.

  38. Avatar

    Why isn't Alex Jones and infowars shut down ????
    He pushes this stuff everyday, he is still all over YouTube, a channel called general shepard

  39. Avatar

    QAnon created by Vladimir Putin’s KGB. Thanks Russia 🇷🇺.

  40. Avatar

    In a few months people will be coming out saying they’ve been fooled. It’s sad.
    Cut the cord cable tv, don’t listen to talk radio in drives, and delete Facebook.
    Observe things for yourself. Watch normal news like your parents and grand parents did. PBS, CBS, NBC, and ABC.
    Remember when people and Americans were normal. That’s the cure. Rachel Maddow on MSNBC, or Sean Hannity on FOX news are the same. They don’t tell you news they tell you that days talking points being pushed out. CNN does the same garbage news.

  41. Avatar

    Slander of this regard should be punishable.

  42. Avatar

    Was there any follow up in the boy?

  43. Avatar

    Is trump going to win? Honest opinions please.

  44. Avatar

    I challenge anyone to find a single “Q” post that condones violence, vigilantism, terrorism or racism that would warrant all the negative media attention and big tech censorship. Here is a link to “Q” posts going back to 2017: https://qanon.pub/

  45. Avatar


  46. Avatar

    If you take the truth and spin a tale around it…yes there are false hoods in it that you can pick out at your leisure..but that in it self. . doesn't take away from the truth…the truth is..God loves you so much that he sent his only begotten son ..so that thru him you have everlasting life…and American Gov has been selling it self out from under it's people for almost 100 years..

  47. Avatar

    Why doesn't YouTube ban NBC's glorifying coverage of Q anon? Seems YouTube lies about it's policy when it comes to big money fake news agencies. If I put the same news story out YouTube would ban me and demonetize it immediately.

  48. Avatar

    Every milk carton we seen in public schools that had a missing child on it? Those children were stolen by our own citizens. Put through demoralizing sexual situations then paraded off to foreign countries never to be seen again. Thanks for trying to make it seem fake YouTube. Does YouTube have a stake to lose in all this. That is the questions we should be asking gogle on capital hill.

  49. Avatar

    There’s a reason Clinton deleted thousands of emails, if she had nothing to hide she wouldn’t have done that.

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