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How Presidential Debates Transformed Over Time | WSJ

Televised presidential debates have been a mainstay of modern American politics for the past sixty years. In this video, Wall Street Journal Executive Washington Editor Jerry Seib breaks down how they’ve changed over time and what we can expect in 2020. Photo: Elise Amendola/AP

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    The one who rules the mic rules all

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    dem debate highlights .. you suck no you suck,, you would destroy the country ..no no you would . you do not have enough experience .no you do not. if i,m not the candidate the rest will destroy our all ready doing great country. but i will support the winner. who sucks.

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    Mr. Seib, in print and on video, remains among the WSJ's best!👍

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    I nearly read the thumbnail text as "The Evolution of Diabetes".

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    NOW everyone is watching, even rapers and NBA players.. It's the Superbowl of Politics

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    They were useless then and there the same as they ever was!

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