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How Micro Drill Bits Are Made | How It’s Made

Find out how tiny drill bits are made and packaged in factories.

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  1. Avatar

    What kind of things would you use a drill bit that small?

  2. Avatar

    If they're so fragile, how are they strong enough to actually drill anything?

  3. Avatar

    Where can I buy carbide blanks?

  4. Avatar

    That’s an air pressure gage. CRAZY accurate. To the millionth of an inch accurately.

  5. Avatar

    Then a shlamee shows up and spits on it…and rubs it!

  6. Avatar

    4:09 not impossible… Lol.. Clearly visible

  7. Avatar

    How do we know its not giants making regular size drill bits?

  8. Avatar

    I know that ppls can lose jobs but an A.I. Can center it much fast and easily if it’s precisely programmed to do it without errors etc

  9. Avatar

    i grow them on my cacti and i harvest them every spring

  10. Avatar

    I’ve got three of these embedded in one of my teeth. Literally. Dentist was cursing at me the whole time until he managed to finish the drilling and get on with the filling.

  11. Avatar

    I always wondered how they were made. I use them in my machine shop.

  12. Avatar

    Literally “little bits”



  13. Avatar

    Couldn't the quality control be built in? I don't think that guy is needed. Maybe if he was monitoring an AI, where he can sit down and check the AI's work.

  14. Avatar

    What are they used for, apart from dentistry?

  15. Avatar

    I bought a box of 10 of these on amazon for $5. This guy must be making $0.13 an hour

  16. Avatar

    Never trust Chinese fakes of American technology

  17. Avatar

    I want to see a How It's Made for this factory equipment.

  18. Avatar

    That’s the most boring ass job ever 😂

  19. Avatar

    Somehow it sounds as if this is written by a Russian person, as those usually tend to forget articles.

  20. Avatar

    Now I know how it’s made…what the fuck do they use these micro drill bits for

  21. Avatar

    Says its impossible to see the difference after even though I can clearly see the difference

  22. Avatar

    Damnit I wanted this to be huggbees also “cutting liquid” and “vibrating device”

  23. Avatar

    Grinds them down to a specified… diameter!?

  24. Avatar

    3:23 “It takes 5-6 hours to complete” gets up after 10 seconds

  25. Avatar

    They milled something down to the size of Trump's penis…..

  26. Avatar

    Look at all that automated shit. Shame shame

  27. Avatar

    A Swiss engineer hands a drill bit to a German engineer to proof that it is the smallest drill ever made.

    Later, the German engineer hands it back with a hole drilled through the drill bit.

  28. Avatar

    I accidentally bought one of these drills when I meant to get one which was 0.032" & ordered one 0.0032" diameter. I couldn't figure it out until I finally saw the hair breadth tip.

  29. Avatar

    Several hours of fine tunning..this must be cheap stuff

  30. Avatar

    I use carbide drills every day to drill in jewelry, very awesome to see this video. The wheel they use to create the shape of the tip of drill we use small wheels too, connected to our handpieces lol

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