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How media coverage of the U.S. election compares with 2016

Jill Abramson, the former executive editor of the New York Times, says coverage of the election has improved overall, but some U.S. news networks are more partisan than in 2016.

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    Punk Rachmaninoff

    What is the point of the comments section with all the bots?

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    Media was biased as all heck this year.

    Biden got 3 times the coverage than Trump, and is gonna lose anyways, just like Hillary!

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    Trump stomped biden into the ground at the final Debate. The Moderator did a great job. 3 downvotes in 5 minutes that must be a record cbc.

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    So we had the media talking to the media about the media and this is news?

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    The Harvard guest gave some very "sit on the fence" answers.

    How about all the broadcast Media allowing coronavirus conspiracies to be validated?

  6. Avatar

    media bias is the big eye opener !

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    The donald 2020

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    Wow this lady is sllllllloooow. I wonder what drugs she's on? Well done, Harvard.

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