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'How many people's hearts are broken?' Biden slams Trump over Covid-19 death toll

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has urged his supporters in the battleground state of Florida to vote out ‘reckless’ Donald Trump after taking aim at his response to the Covid-19 pandemic. Biden accused Trump of not taking the initial response to the coronavirus outbreak seriously, leading to the growing death toll across the United States. “How many empty chairs are around the dining room table tonight because of his negligence?” Biden asked. “How many people’s hearts are broken?”

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  1. Avatar

    Oh I thought he was running for the senate

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    Ladies and Gentlemen, your new President of your United States, thank you for changing your destiny.

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    @1:14 Biden said ""… your voice don't count."" The brain damaged dementia gaffes just keep coming….

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    I hope for the best for the american people….really do, go out and vote for the sake of your future…

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    Trump will win by a landslide. The Democrats have nothing.

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    Have YOU watched Europa, The Last Battle yet?

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    0:40 Really nice 👌 💋💞

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    Yeah he right

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    Slipping Joe 😂😂😂

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    Did he manage to beat his Arizona turn out of 8 ?

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    All the best Biden, remove all the scam in power, in this world, including boris and cummings (pinky and the brain) ✌️🌈😌🙏

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    About Things Podcast

    This is getting really interesting. We will be discussing elections in the US on our next episode. Please do tune in 🙂

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    Biden criticising Trump for his covid response, that's so unlike him, very daring off him, nobody else is willing to talk about it, so brave, I'm glad he's running for senate

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    Says Biden who slammed Trump for shutting down the airports…

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    Biden is not compaining, instead he always attacks Trumps.
    Why dont you tell and do then the solutions if you have…

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    "America is faced every pollen that has ever confronted us and his reckless personals conducts." "Don't let anybody discourage you or tell you your voice donwoncoun!" Joe Biden 2020

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    Bartosz Bartoszewski

    They called Trump racist for banning travels from China and Nancy Pelosi was walking around China town hugging people xD

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    Don't watch this read up on what the banks are doing what the richest families are doing look up legislation and future agendas you will see they've got things planned already to roll out all the way past 2050!

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    Creepy joe likes to get handy with the young'ns

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    Like Joe would've done any better. What a loser.

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    ok joe, but what your views on the dancers?

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    Just busting your balls

    I noticed Russian trolls are working overtime.

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    If Biden doesn’t win, then America has a HUGE problem.

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    I think Kamala gave him prostate massage before this speech

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    Biden you are very old for this mission, you can't speak man .

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    For the sake of the future I hope they don't vote fort his fool. If they do you can expect barely any jobs and a slow rising economy. Funny how this doughnut has to try and use the virus though if he was president the death toll would be twice as much.

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    “Poor kids are just as talented as black kids”
    “”I dont want my kids living in a racial jungle”
    – Sleepy Joe

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    Not really a 'slam' though is it

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    Trump 2020!

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    creepy joe biden likes it when the kids sit on his lap

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    Is this another Neil kinnock speech or???

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    This guy is pathetic

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    Trump is just a meme guys not a president little fishies

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    I love how far left the the guardian is yet 90% comments are all right wing 😂😂. Come on my fellow patriots and white Bros!!

  36. Avatar

    Dozy Joe who called Trump a xenophobe when he closed US borders to travellers from China.

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    Why are people honking? To make up for the lack of crowd noise from the 8 people who actually turned to his rally 🤣😂

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    How many peoples livelihoods are broken ? by the mad 2020 lockdown . . . . the year politicians abregated all responsibility to mainstream media and allowed television to dictate worldwide curfew.

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    2020÷666=text FL to 3.03303303

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    This is Hilarious. The American people want a true Leader, and that Leader is President Donald Trump.

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    "If you vote for trump you ain't black"
    (Jo biden 2020)

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    Of course its Kamala Nasty Harris who will be President and she is more radical left than Bernie Sanders.

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    You do realize that nobody is at this rally and the sounds are added its 8 people.

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    Kid sniffing racist

  45. Avatar

    Cheap political point scoring. Thought they 'went high'?

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    i dont know i am not american never been to america really less care bout politics but he looks like nice guess i guess when America come and picks someone completely kuku;D and we all have to hear about this😅 so maybe hr will be mr nice guy;D

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