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How many people have really been tested for COVID-19 in the UK?

It should be one of the simplest questions for the government to answer since Matt Hancock made his pledge to carry out 100,000 tests a day: how many people have been tested for COVID-19 in the UK?

But the chief executive of the UK Statistics Authority has criticised the government for presenting data on testing that doesn’t serve its purpose and might be misleading.

Ed Conway has taken a deep dive into the data to see what is really going on with our COVID-19 testing.

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  1. Avatar

    Sky news finally is getting to the root of the lies….most people I speak to now don't trust the Gov or there figures, we are easily above 60k dead now….

  2. Avatar
    hari yemadzimambo

    They are lying to us crooks and schools are opening up

  3. Avatar

    Its over , Nobody is Listening anymore , The people can see through the Lies and Deceit.

  4. Avatar

    The deepstate assassination of George floyd is just the tip of the ice berge.there will be more deaths and more carnage.the evil obuma and the Hilda beast will stop at nothing to take back the president c. Remember trump is the good guy hear .

  5. Avatar

    There should be separate figures for those who died from the virus. A Terminally ill. B. Those with severe underlying illness. C. Those that tested positive but died of other causes but numbered as dying of the virus. D. Those that never had an autopsy. E. Those who were never tested but assumed to have died of the disease.

  6. Avatar

    I already had a DNA test when I got done for a public order offence several years ago, why not just use that for the database?

  7. Avatar

    The government (or hidden powers that be to put it better) are taking advantage of this virus to orchestrate it into a finely oiled well tuned CULL of the elderly! and selected others P's Cats lives matter!

  8. Avatar

    No one cares anymore.

    Shut up

  9. Avatar

    Nobody cares about covid19, let's move on

  10. Avatar

    COVID is boring now, USA riots are much more interesting

  11. Avatar

    Here in Ispain the same, is new order in all world.censored.

  12. Avatar

    Covid1984 is bollox, they want a new world order and global vaccinations, boring 🥱

  13. Avatar

    A fake test for a fake virus. Wake up sheeple

  14. Avatar
    Christian Deane

    No, it doesn't matter at all how many people are tested. The inventor of the PCR test himself said that it should not be used for medical diagnosis, due to its 80% false positive result. It is not like a pregnancy test with a simple yes or no. It is completely and laughably fallible. The cycles of amplification to test the RNA of cells is arbitrary. The whole thing is a useless way of discerning a pandemic. Also, many doctors have said that if the test hadn't been there at all, we wouldn't have noticed anything unusual in this usual winter season of 'viruses'. The death rate for the virus is nothing unusual at all, and does not require a global lockdown. The test merely reveals the presence of something perfectly natural and non-deadly, but mistaken for something new and deadly, and that is only when the test actually works.

  15. Avatar

    Testing testing
    Excellent learnt lessons for next time

  16. Avatar

    Do we care? Your fake virus pandemic has petered out now. It's VERY boring.

  17. Avatar

    Speaking of transparency, wouldn't it be great if our news outlets would give us transparent unbiased news updates on what really matters?

  18. Avatar

    Look! Boho it’s a planned Plandemic! So your a massive LIAR!!!

  19. Avatar

    Great report Ed Conway, thanks for getting to the bottom of the UK Governments, appallingly bad statistics / data on COVID-19…

  20. Avatar

    Matt Hand -holding-my-Cock lying to us? NOOOO.. STOP IT!… I worked in my momma's basement as an IT guy for my parents' firm (it was the only job I ever had before government.. 100K tests a day! Yes? Yes?

  21. Avatar

    I wish I was surprised by how unutterably crap the government has been, is & will continue to be! It’s shameful that I am not.to be clear, it’s the government that should be ashamed, I remain unsurprised but very, very angry!

  22. Avatar

    the uk are in their own man bubble of virus delusion. while the rest of the world has moved on from the fakery.

  23. Avatar

    I'm wearing a gimp suit and a mask…STOP ME!

  24. Avatar

    The difference is, the other countries declare their numbers with such great confidence, yet they come with many caveats;
    We show all the data in all of its forms and don't attempt to place an absolute figure on it continuously. But, I'm sure it will all be looked at retrospectively!

  25. Avatar

    Yeah, it was all a lie wasn’t it? Can I have my job back now please?

  26. Avatar
    Andy Derbyshire

    So I can't go for a pint..or get a haircut..but i can mix with thousands of people "outside my household" in a protest..got it 👍

  27. Avatar

    Wow….. so clear. Unaccounted excess deaths confirm that people are being killed off

  28. Avatar
    Hannah Gillson

    Thanks for the informative video, Ed Conway/ Sky News. Reading some of the conspiracy theorist comments here makes me slightly despair but, regardless, this video was helpful!

  29. Avatar
    marcus epstein

    It’s funny how he dances round the truth that the gov has been lying by saying” we just don’t have a clue”

  30. Avatar

    How many people actually care?

  31. Avatar
    Robin Sharpley

    Does the test actually test for covid19 as an isolated virus type or just for coronavirus as a generic ??

  32. Avatar

    > UK Population: 67 Million
    > UK Fatalities: 39,000 (Currently)
    > Total Percentage of UK Fatalities: 0.058%

  33. Avatar

    I’ve been tested and I live in foster care

  34. Avatar

    This guy doesn’t belong to Sky News. He’s too good.

  35. Avatar
    Charlie's Angels

    I know that when the government sends out tests it counts a nasal swab and a throat swab as two seperate tests so the numbers tested r half that stated.

  36. Avatar

    Pretty sure I’ve had it but not been tested. Put me down for 3 weeks tho and my lungs are still shot. Still on lockdown with daughter and grandkids coming in now. Never touched my family apart from me and my son in law. Think he gave me it tho as he was a taxi driver doing airport runs. He hit the deck he was so sick. I coughed up blood for 3 weeks. Been better about a month.

  37. Avatar
    AJW _ Unexpected

    Why are they throwing all these figures at us trying to confuse this s**t…just be straight up and say what's really going on…I for one still wants to know what really went down with this whole epidemic… Check out the link and please shed some light on this for me by commenting your views.https://youtu.be/Iy2h2iO7VeY

  38. Avatar

    Yawwwwn covid 19 boring me now … when can I get a hair cut

  39. Avatar
    Markfield Park

    the corona virus will go down as the biggest fraud..pure fear mongering and puling for forced vaccination bullshit

  40. Avatar

    What happened to the flu ?. Hundreds die from that also, but strangely it hasn't got a mention.

  41. Avatar

    “I’ve been looking forward to this”

  42. Avatar

    I live in a normal community like any other. I haven't been tested. I don't know anyone who's been tested. I don't know anyone who knows anyone who's been tested.

  43. Avatar

    Did he just say Hooray?? 🤦🏿‍♀️😂

  44. Avatar


  45. Avatar
    Abraham Chinye

    So no mention that the government literally said that covid death rates were exaggerated aswell

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