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How J.C. Penney Fell From the Top of Retail | WSJ

J.C. Penney rose to prominence as a national retailer by dressing the middle class for over a century. But analysts say the retailer’s costly shifting strategies have failed to attract the modern middle-class customer, leading the company to declare bankruptcy. PHOTO: RICHARD B. LEVINE/LEVINE ROBERTS/ZUMA PRESS

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  1. Avatar

    So true and this is really unfortunate but the fingers in business is that business models need to constantly change and evolve if you don’t then you’ll fall into the blockbuster Kodak trap and never regain your customers

  2. Avatar

    Online… They failed to embrace online. That's the simply answer.

  3. Avatar

    Feel like I'm watching a shorter CNBC mini doc

  4. Avatar

    Basically they wasted time and money with bad ceos that were completely out of touch with their customers

  5. Avatar

    Too many C-suites in 'Murica living in an ivory tower at the helmet, whose view on pop culture is condescending. Next!!

  6. Avatar
    Black Vito - Moneyology

    Amazon is powerful force of nature 😁

  7. Avatar
    Tyrone Jeff O'Reilly Ramirez

    Hurst TX store caters to the typical spoiled indebted US consumer.

  8. Avatar

    J C Penny has been Falling way before this Pandemic!!! Just Tell The TRUTH!

  9. Avatar

    I think that everyday low price would have worked if they gave it some time. Youre attracting better customers with that strategy not bargin chasers with no loyalty

  10. Avatar

    The loss of MIDDLE Class money.

  11. Avatar
    robertson Patrickson

    the company man channel has a good video on this too

  12. Avatar
    Bruce John Shourt

    "Bad sound makes good video look bad." (She made zero effort to avoid the bad built-in mike sound made worse with the terrible room acoustics.)

  13. Avatar

    The coronavirus was the nail in the coffin. JCPenney was falling apart anyways.

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