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How It’s Made Waffles

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  1. Avatar

    Here in Singapore we cooked it infront of out customers

  2. Avatar

    This is a lazy breakfast.
    I prefer a large stack of pancakes, a lot syrup and butter, 2 over easy eggs, chocolate milk, home made fresh instead those frozen things.

  3. Avatar

    “In England they eat it as cake, in America they eat it at breakfast”
    Yea I know, We’re fat fucks okay

  4. Avatar

    It’s motor oil. If you know you know

  5. Avatar

    4:13 That's bullshit he didn't do anything wrong he was set up.

  6. Avatar

    But how did they made blue waffle?

  7. Avatar

    Is it just me or did the narrator say "knocking up a plate of waffles"?

  8. Avatar

    got this on recommended as soon as I seen the recent splatfest results lol

  9. Avatar

    In Murica everything that can give you diabetes is a breakfast

  10. Avatar

    And why do we need to know how to make a waffle?

  11. Avatar

    I would be fired within a week for "inventory shrinkage"

  12. Avatar

    How i make waffles
    Almond milk
    2 bananas
    1 cup of rolled oats.
    Blend till smooth put in waffle maker.
    When done pour organic maple syrup on .
    Eat. Live. Feel awesome.

  13. Avatar

    I rather want you to LEGGO MY EGGO.

  14. Avatar

    we put peanutbutter in our waffle here in philippines… and we considered it street food cause many people sell it near church or in side walks..

  15. Avatar

    Who else here is craving for a waffle after watching this video?😃

  16. Avatar

    imagine if rat piss on the conveyor belt, who's the hell will know that?

  17. Avatar

    Am I the only one who thinks waffles are worthless discs of shit?

  18. Avatar

    What is wrong with this all you have to do to make waffles is to get a cup thingy, click the little button, and dump it on the waffle iron. Wait like a bunch, kill your fingers trying to get it out, and eat it!

  19. Avatar

    Who has or (rest in peace) has had a grandpa that wakes up in the morning and says to your mom
    Waffles, sausage, coffee, black
    You got 5 minutes

  20. Avatar

    *Key'ush looks on with increasing interest*

  21. Avatar

    God this made me want to never buy a frozen waffle again.

  22. Avatar

    And that merits a toast, or indeed a toaster! Lol 🤣🤣🤣

  23. Avatar

    You ruined it.
    You ruined it and I'm leaving.

  24. Avatar

    Is no one else bothered by the little over spill bits they left on the sides 😩

  25. Avatar

    Make waffle batter and just bake it, thats it.

  26. Avatar

    It's so weird as an American hearing "knocking up a plate of waffles" LOL

  27. Avatar

    How to make waffles go to waffle house and let them cook them for you.

  28. Avatar

    When I was stationed in Germany they would cook them fresh at the fests, and while still warm, cover them in powdered sugar. Nothing else, just powdered sugar. Talk about yummy, and still warm.

  29. Avatar

    I bet the inside of that factory smells great!☺️

  30. Avatar

    God why do they always put the next video link RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE of the screen? Can't see shit!

  31. Avatar

    Very interesting but do you have to waffle on? Badum tssss…

  32. Avatar

    Hey guys I am a really small YouTuber who would love for you to join the fam! I have a great new video coming soon that will be a lot better than my other videos. So hopefully you’ll stick around!

  33. Avatar

    We don’t eat waffles like cake in the uk.

  34. Avatar

    "for those who dont like cooking them" so lazy ass people, pathetic.

  35. Avatar

    Does donkey own this place? Because if he does than he is making waffles!

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