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How It’s Made Tofu

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    I hate every time the suggestion video shows even though the video is not done yet.

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    I want to try the jalapeno tofu 😋

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    Me looking for Residentt evil 2 tofu and I get this…..

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    Hooray another How It's Made uploaded in 320p in the year 2019.

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    The video is wrong. Tofu is shit.

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    “Soybeans contain 40% protein, more than double beef or fish.”

    It’s so great that you mentioned that they are DIFFERENT KINDS OF PROTEIN!!! This makes a HUGE difference.

    If you’re going to compare foods and nutritional content, please compare “apples to apples”, so to speak. Compare Soy to Peanuts, other beans, or similar.

    I’m not disputing the greatness or versatility of tofu, simply the spread of information that is not accurate or comparable.

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    Liquid boner killer. Soy is something no man should ever have. All those phytoestrogens. Like taking 6 birth control pills a day

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    Halapeenyo. It's pen, it's pen yo. Yo yo.

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    Next week on how it's made: 1080p videos, because 4k is so 2016.

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