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How It’s Made Thermometers

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    I was about to sleep because work in 4 hours but…. new video…. no sleep for me

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    Just think these used to go up people's butts.

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    Im so tired of the preview of the next video covering the end of the one playing. Haven't we complained enough for them to notice and care?!

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    This is awesome information 👍🏻

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    Today is my worst day comment to make me better

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    Seems way more complicated than it should be.

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    Addicted to this show. I could watch it forever.

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    How It's made could you do how it's made trifle

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    All of these people will be replaced by machines.
    I would do this for a living.

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    Thermometers go through a lot then they just end up in someone else’s butthole. #JusticeForThermometers

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    What about electronic thermometers?

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    Don't sit on the Thermometer🌡
    Or things may get HOT!!!🔥

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    I was hoping for the small thermometers that you stick under your tongue.

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    Um, how about that part about the hollow tube? I'm going to guess it's done with a wire.

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    Since I heard alcohol ones evaporate, I went out and tried to find a mercury one while I still could. I came across one that goes to 680 °F / 380 °C – wasn't quite looking for that, but I guess it'll do.

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