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How Its Made Silk

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  1. Avatar

    Comment section, dont fail me now…

  2. Avatar

    Couldn't tell which pixel was the worm

  3. Avatar

    Welp I'm never using silk again. Mother fuckers.

  4. Avatar

    The downside is that the silk worms are so used to this that when they turn into a moth they dont do much at all.

  5. Avatar

    OMG, I hope PETA doesn’t see this!

  6. Avatar

    That’s sad that they kill them 😢 I would’ve saved them

  7. Avatar

    Next time a vegan professes about killing animals wearing a silk shawl, I'm showing them this.

  8. Avatar

    Hard to believe this beautiful fabric comes from works.
    We are the worms

  9. Avatar

    How did someone figure this out. Just look at a silk worms cocoon and think. Hey this could make a nice shirt

  10. Avatar

    Thank u for dying for our clothing and bed sheets

  11. Avatar

    How do u find the end of the thread lol

  12. Avatar

    Never has HD been more needed than in this video.

  13. Avatar

    Eh, too expensive. I'll go with rayon.

  14. Avatar

    Bangladesh also use this technique called "taat"in local

  15. Avatar

    Dang that silk be yellow!!!!!!!!🌙

  16. Avatar

    Friend who hates bugs was showing off her pretty silk top, she had no idea where silk came from. I showed her this vid and she threw up. Either way, I have a really cute top now.

  17. Avatar

    I feel bad for that woman that must pull on a string 7 hours a day

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