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How It’s Made Shuttlecocks

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    Black Africans invented the most for the world, yet racist white supremacists keep trying to steal our superior culture and inventions! SMFH!

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    I love this game if you also
    Love this game hit a like button

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    didn’t know people called these shuttlecocks

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    All my life I was told it was called a birdie ;-;

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    Shuttlecocks? Really????? In Germany we call those things Federball/Feather ball

    I wish we would translate it literally

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    I can't believe that there is still a market for this trash.

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    That seems like a lot of work for something that will get stuck in the rafters or on top of a roof.

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    wtf so how much is this shuttlecocks? don't they have any other new or modern technologies?

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