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How It’s Made: Scuba Diving Lights

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    Wow I’m actually first…

    To a channel that’s only shown in classrooms

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    Córdova ,S William.

    God bless América

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    Wow im actually second its the best day everrrrrrrr

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    Pup Pup And Away!

    Scuba Diving

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    Usuario de Google

    Biden 2020 💙

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    Looks like their 3D printer needs some tuning

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    Михаил Пушкин


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    Imagine being hundreds of feet underwater in a cave when suddenly the LEDs start flashing red….

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    Dort Kommen Die Clowns

    Feet, elbows, thumbs.
    What about metric system?

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    Oscar membreno the Hawaii bus hunter

    how its made: trash cans

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    Fuck it. I'm interested

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    2.5 hours to charge for 65 minutes of light? You can do better.

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    1:48 swastika in the middle 😭😭

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    Technology in Hindi

    Aap log kaha kaha se ho comment karke batao?.💖..

    I am from maharashtra……

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    Jesus christ, fix your 3d printer, that was jank. The future of manufacturing is 3d printing in my opinion

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    Cool scuba light underwater 5,000 feet

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    Love your videos

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    This channel needs to have a 24hr livestream.

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    Jacinto P M Da Costa

    The background music sounds like makarena song!

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    Romisaa's Immagination

    بتوفيق 🤩👍👍🙏🥰🥳🥳

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    I’ve done a number of night time dives myself, and he’s right. Diving flashlights are essential since we don’t naturally occurring night vision.

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