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How It’s Made Rubber Bands

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    Those workers had better hope the talcum powder they breathe in doesn't have much asbestos in it…

  2. Avatar

    My favorite show about sweatshops

  3. Avatar

    I thought talcum powder was dangerous or something like that

  4. Avatar

    3:18 I'm sure blasting air into the tubes and dropping those metal bars to the side is like ASMR to these guys. No hearing protection needed.

  5. Avatar

    At least fix the audio so it wont peak and distort before you post a video. Please fix and repost.

  6. Avatar

    Wonder why they don't remove the plastic around the natural rubber slabs before throwing them in. This is the second video they do that same in. How come?

  7. Avatar

    don't mind that plastic on the rubber case well just mix it in two

  8. Avatar

    I bet a worker a week dies of cancer here.

  9. Avatar

    Do I look like I know what a jpeg is?

  10. Avatar

    Does anyone else feel like this is way too much work for a rubber band?

  11. Avatar

    This was recorded with a rubber band

  12. Avatar

    0:04 the


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