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How It’s Made: Race Car Simulators

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  1. Avatar

    wow this really a pro set up, this more like a training or test tool rather than for casual gamers like me. yet I still hoping if someday day I can have enough room and time for a dedicated set of driving wheel and pedals.

  2. Avatar

    Let me tell you that this is actually a lot of fun too. 🙂

  3. Avatar
    Albedo D. Overlord

    Why does the video sounds like commercials or documentary from 1990's??

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    Максим Шаганов


  5. Avatar

    How It's Made: GTA Simulators

  6. Avatar
    معاذ محمود


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  8. Avatar

    Why does this video looks like it was shot 5 years ago??

  9. Avatar
    Angry Bulldog Gaming


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  11. Avatar

    Looks like it would be cheaper to buy a car.

  12. Avatar

    Never been on one. I love this show. Never asked for this, never knew I needed this, loved it.

  13. Avatar

    FYI: These cost between $10K for the base model with no screens and $50K for the high end version with multiple curved screens and upgraded everything!

  14. Avatar

    I know it's nitpicking but shame it has no manual transmission

  15. Avatar


  16. Avatar

    Teases Laguna Seca, doesn't show what the seat does through the corkscrew. 🙁

  17. Avatar

    It looks just like a ultra gaming setup taken to the next level.

    I would play GTA 5 on it if I got a chance.

  18. Avatar

    It's much cheaper to buy a real car!

  19. Avatar

    they take the shleeem…

  20. Avatar
    World Wide Window

    I love this video👏

  21. Avatar

    Do video of stamps how it made

  22. Avatar

    So no one is gonna bring up the fact that either they have found someone with the exact voice of the original commentator or this is infact the original commentator from 10 years ago?

  23. Avatar

    Any particular reason why you guys took down "Uranus & Neptune: Rise of the ice giant?". I'm really curious.

  24. Avatar

    0:31 – but it can't replicate the G-forces – maybe just a little with those actuators, but it'd be just a fraction of what you're experiencing in a real car.

  25. Avatar

    This is the toy that I would love to get for Christmas.

  26. Avatar

    Saw this when it originally aired a few years ago…and even had a chance to get behind the wheel of one of these are the Car Museum in Tacoma, Washington last year….pretty awesome but for the retail price of damn near $70K., I'll pass thank you!

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