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How It’s Made Pringles

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  1. Avatar

    Technology improves all the time!!!!!! DON'T FORGET THAT

  2. Avatar

    How did I get here ? I’m so Hungry…

  3. Avatar

    Those aren't pringles though..

  4. Avatar

    I like Mister Potato better No offense

  5. Avatar

    Who else kinda wants that long potato sheet? Lol

  6. Avatar

    i want to work there, eat 'till my stomach is satisfied then wait until they fire me HAHAHAHAHA just kidding. but that's going to be awesome.

  7. Avatar

    Not Pringles, they were Stax, but same shit

  8. Avatar

    Expect that’s not Pringles…

  9. Avatar

    i thought pringles made with love 🙁

  10. Avatar

    The company I work for is solely responsible for transporting all the exported Pringles brand chips to every country but USA

  11. Avatar

    This isnt Pringles false advertising of Chinese shit. Come at me

  12. Avatar

    "And then they do a backflip"

    imagines a chip with legs doing a backflip

  13. Avatar


  14. Avatar

    Why would you put an ad for another video covering the most the screen for the last 20 seconds, when you're still going over important and interesting parts of the video!

  15. Avatar

    This explains so much of why I hate pringles.

  16. Avatar

    watches while eating pringles
    oh this is where you came from little boy

  17. Avatar

    Once, I got a container that had an extra ingredient…..glass chips!

  18. Avatar

    I hate when im at the bottom of the pringles container because there is still chips left and my hand gets stuck

  19. Avatar

    stop having pop ups of videos 20 seconds before the video ends you heathens i want to see my potato chips being made

  20. Avatar

    Don’t place the thumbnail over the end of the video.

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