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How It’s Made: Pheasant Breeding

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  1. Avatar

    1:37 fine china

  2. Avatar
    Nkosikhona Mnamatha

    please help fund fffc pheasant breeding

  3. Avatar

    Out of all the stuff youtube recomended me this is byfar the weirdest one

  4. Avatar
    Johnny Baughman

    The vids are short but they pack quite a bit if info into them

  5. Avatar
    Jonathan Norris

    No problem finding them in Hawaii

  6. Avatar
    David Lindstrom

    I like that you let some fly away that's nice Lana watt Fly Away bring back Mother Nature why not

  7. Avatar

    Shipping day old babies? People just don't know where to draw the line on not caring about animals. This is awful.

  8. Avatar
    John Halchishick

    I wonder what the percentage of them get set free.

  9. Avatar
    Hilary Cardozo

    Loved the last sentence.

  10. Avatar

    Today I came to know how "Pheasant Breeding is made"

  11. Avatar
    Charlie Martin

    A hunting club i used to live next had a taxidermy mount of a Phuker . It was a pheasant head on a pheasant body .

  12. Avatar

    Baby pheasants is so cute

  13. Avatar

    How its made; Vat grown sex slaves.

  14. Avatar

    How it's made has always answered from the very first curiosities I had as a child to the most recent questions I've thought of. They've been with me for so long that now the iconic question "how is it made?" Has become a major part of my life. I will always stay curious. 🤓❔🤓

  15. Avatar

    Screw a bird, get a bird….

  16. Avatar

    I'm confused by the opening statement about wild populations dwindling (in the United States). Pheasants aren't native to North America so there never were any significantly established wild populations to begin with. They were introduced for the sole purpose of hunting and continue to be bred in captivity and then released for the same purpose.

  17. Avatar

    Check out the Popeye forearms on that chick.

  18. Avatar

    Imagine if we breed fellow humans like this!

  19. Avatar
    Old Man Mercenary

    "The Pheasant is one of the most sought after game birds in North America"…yeah by the rich upper 1% who think they can handle a gun if they can hunt pheasant.

    Would love to see any pheasant hunter do a "Hogan's Alley"

  20. Avatar

    Since scientist when it comes to creation told god hold my beer do one on humans

  21. Avatar
    Linda Loves Trump2020

    Where do I apply for a job

  22. Avatar

    3:00 three weeks later she still wearing the same jacket

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