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How It’s Made Pasta

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    Scrolled down to see if I was first., But 😑

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    A black African man invented Pasta, whites keep trying to steal our superior culture and inventions! SMFH!!!!

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    Pasta is a middle-eastern invention! NOT CHINESE!!!

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    The way he says pasta makes me want to hurt him.

  6. Avatar

    "Spaghetti is gentle handled" falls down aggressively steps

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    Dude says butterfly pasta, but my whole entire state labels it Bowtie. I refuse to believe a man who says pasta in a way that isn't even used by the British.

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    The way he said pasta it KILLS me 😡

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    Don't go gentle down that chute spaghetti. Rage, rage…

  10. Avatar

    In the past, they picked it from trees.

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    Why does that ad always block the end of every video?

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    Ooh look the ramen exhibit! You know dad yo favorite- careful children, dad a lots sodium!

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    His plural forms of types of pasta are purely insane

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    You are not a pasta lover if you can’t pronounce it right

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    did they do the pasta animation with an etch and sketch?

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    Damn it, now every time I read pasta, I hear pasta. Goddamn narrator 😤😩😠

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    why in every video the quality looks like its filmed in 2006?

  19. Avatar

    “PaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaStA” i think not.

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    Spaghetti is already plural (singular is spaghetto), spaghettis is not a word!

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    Take a shot every time he says PASS-TUH.

  22. Avatar

    Worst narrator I’ve ever heard. “Dry somewhat” just pushed me over the edge lol

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