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How It’s Made Palm Sugar

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  1. Avatar

    Hasn’t this video been uploaded somewhere else already?

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    to the left all the suger is in a box to the left i cannt of annything to ryme it to with to the left oh btw its beyonces lines

  3. Avatar

    What is this guys? I don't get it.

  4. Avatar

    Does this come from the same tree as palm oil?

  5. Avatar

    Wow there's so much work involved for very little return. Very informative.

  6. Avatar

    For once the end product was not blocked by the next video ads. Then again, there not much to see.

  7. Avatar

    And here I think it's too tiring to buy these kind of products from supermarket or online 😂😂

  8. Avatar

    Seeing sugar come from a tree, I'm convinced small amounts of sugar at a time are fine for the body but concentrated sugar isn't.

  9. Avatar

    Now I know why it’s so expensive, great video!

  10. Avatar

    They should also show how "Gula Melaka" is made.

    Personally, I feel these types of sugars are better for you. So much less processing (e.g. chemicals, bleaching) and you get the full original unstripped nutrients.

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    what a dangerous ass job climbing em trees like that. dang.

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